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Quilters Survival Guide and Personal Journal

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The Quilters guide and personal journal to help you through difficult times – especially Covid-19.

During these stressful and unsettling times, this Personal Journal will help you reflect on your days, find encouragement and celebrate your progress. Allowing you to find your happy sewing place again.

We are currently dealing with a world wide pandemic. Something that is affecting everyone that we know as well as ourselves.
After considering this for many days, chatting back and forth with my mother, asking for suggestions, fb lives in my group – I came up with a few pages that I think can be helpful with dealing with what is happening.

This journal is about making note of what is happening now. Today. This minute.

It’s about realizing and noticing your blessings, how your family is doing, daily checking in with yourself, feeding your soul, making notes of encouragement, over viewing our days, reflecting in the evening and repeating those things that help each day be better.

Whether you print and use this journal daily, or have it taped to your wall as a reminder, the Quilters Personal Journal is specific to this time. Please use it how you’d like, share it with those you love. Keep it as you look back on what is happening around you and how you are handling the changes- daily.

Because we are in such a specific time of ‘shelter in place’ there are additional pages for tracking the amount of days at home as well as marking our accomplishments during this time.

Thank you so much for using the journal and I hope that you and your family find peace during these times.. As well as comfort each day.

Know that us quilters are here for you and you are not alone. You have our continued support and strength. Find the good in every day as well as some time at your sewing machine. Our happy place.

What’s in the Quilters Survival Guide

10 things that you can do – right now. Today.

This can help with the overwhelm of new schedules, missed classes and whatever else! These are ideas that will help you get back to the sewing machine, find inspiration and connect with others.

Within the pdf and the lists, there are links for you to follow and quickly get to what you want to work on. No matter what you choose, there are helpful tutorial linked so you don’t have to spend any time searching!

They are not to overwhelm you, and I highly recommend not doing all of them in one day! They are simply a spring board for helping you pick up the pieces and get you back to your happy place- the sewing machine.

Also included are ways you can help. No matter if you are making masks or not, there are other opportunities for helping others! This is a quick list of what you can do, plus there is a spot for you to add your own idea!

The Quilters guide and personal journal to help you through difficult times - especially Covid-19. VISIT for the pdf

What’s inside the Quilters Personal Journal


Start every day with an intention and end with reflection.


Track the progress of your projects. No matter how small, everything is important


After your review, make notes of actions you’ll take tomorrow


Mark off the days you have spent home during this Covid time


Journal your daily feeling and emotions. You’ll realize what actions you take help you be positive.


Keep track of your routines, what’s working, not working and what you’ve done to adjust to the new normal.


Make note of what you have accomplished for the day, week or time spent at home


Make note of what is working in your schedule, life and how you are taking time to feed your soul

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The Quilters guide and personal journal to help you through difficult times - especially Covid-19.

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