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20+ Sewing Memes

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Sewing Memes – yes there is such a thing!

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There are memes with fabric, sewing machines, needles, threads, notions and more!  They cover topics of humor, the truth, the reality and of course feelings (how quilting makes us feel)

more than 20 sewing and quilt memes! Love this collection. Haven't seen some of them before.

Here are some of the best sewing memes out there.

Sewing meme Happiness is a full bobbin.  It's so right!

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel.... quilt meme I'm one fat quarter away from being featured on an episode of hoarders.... yes I am!!! I'm one orphan project away from being featured on an episode of hoarders.... isn't this the truth! I can't clean my sewing room because I get distracted by all the good stuff I find again.  haha! I can't get out of the sewing room the fabric has accepted me as one of their own and if I leave now I might lose their trust.  yup, that's me! I enjoy long romantic walks to the quilt shop..... I have all the fabric I need.   Said no quilter ever.  Quilt meme I'd rather be sewing.  sewing meme.  Yes, I would! I'm going to be in the quilt den if you need me.  Quilting meme Sometimes you just need to let things long as it's not fabric. sewing meme I love this! Keep calm and pretend your sewing - i always do! Quilt meme There is no bad time for quilting.  nope! There is no such thing as too much fabric I'm working on my PHD - projects half done for Quilting  That's me!  quilt meme  Who says quilters don't cook?  Ingredients for a 'crumb' quilt... This is so me! Quilters don't make mistakes...we make variations.  Quilt meme- I totally believe this! Quilting is the answer, it doesn't matter what the question is You know you're a quilter when the only scraps under your dining table are fabric.  sewing meme- yes, yes!! Sewing room layout- quilt meme. This is so how I wish it was!

Quilt today, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Quilters who start projects and never finish them are cooler than quilters who never start projects in the first place. I love this one! Weekend Forecast: sewing with no chance of cleaning or cooking.  I'll take this kind of weather! You know I can do more than sew a straight line right?  sewing machine meme You know your a quilter if.....your ironing board is always set up but you never iron clothes.  hah! so true! There should be an eighth day of the week called QUILTDAY where all you do is quilt. All day long.... A quilt means to me.... Love, warmth, patience, enjoyment, satisfaction, pleasure. Glynis Warning- all thread and spools have been recalled, please send to my house immediately for proper disposal.

20 plus quilting memes. so funny and a great collection! I love the sewing room layout one. Sharing that one!

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4 thoughts on “20+ Sewing Memes

  1. Carolyn

    You can’t buy happiness but you can buy FABRIC!!!!

  2. Becky

    Love that one! I’ll have to make a new one for it. thanks!

  3. Ingrid Mijares

    Quilting is the answer… It doesn’t matter what the question is
    Very funny

  4. Mary Fichtenberg

    My daughter needs to see the one about “letting go, but not fabric”. She is always on me about getting rid of some of my fabric, especially when I move.

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