Fine Point Glue Tips for Applique

I would love to say that I find all the good ideas and tips– but I don’t.  Do you know who does though?  My mom. Yes.  She is always telling me about this or that. I really should start a series on Karen’s finds because she is full of goodies!

Good thing she is a share-er though and I get a few of these to keep for myself after she has given them a try and really loves it then.

This time she hit me with the fine point or micro point glue tips.

mini dots of glue

Produced by Sharon Schamber.

You use them for applique. And- you use a regular washable Elmer’s school glue. Yes, it’s true.

Let me show you-

micro fine glue tips - these are perfect for tacking down your applique pieces!

Quick Summary — Micro Fine Glue Tips

  • How to attach: Read the instructions, but basically it is- switch the caps.  It’s a tall skinny cap that lets the glue come out in a tiny dot and not all blobby and all over the place.
  • How to use:  Squeeze a few dots of glue on the wrong side of the applique fabric.  Secure by pressing it on top of the fabric you’d like it to be on.  If you need to re-position you can, but will need to reapply the glue.  Just use small amounts or dots – this is enough.
  • Where to get it? Local sewing machine shop or here on their site- fine glue tips
  • Why use it?  This is perfect for keeping things in place while you either hand stitch or machine stitch.  Won’t gum up your needle and it’s washable!
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  • Projects: Spring Applique, Fall Applique, Printable Alphabet Applique and more applique here!

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