How to Sew 4 Flying Geese at Once

How to Sew 4 Flying Geese at Once

How to Sew 4 Flying Geese at once…..this is such a fantastic trick and one of those quilting hacks you should know about!

It saves a lot of time.

You do have to do a little bit of math at the beginning, but once you have that, the process goes pretty quickly.

This goes along with the video here:

Sewing 4 flying geese at one time!

4 flying geese at one time! It's a super quick trick that will save time and fabric. Mind Blown…..

Posted by Patchwork Posse on Monday, March 6, 2017


Here is how you determine what size the fabrics should be:

Inside Triangle:  

Determine what size you want your finished flying geese unit and add 1 1/4″.

In the video I made 4 1/2″ finished flying geese unit. 4 1/2″ + 1 1/4″ = 5 3/4″ square of the fabric.

Cut one of these to yield 4 flying geese units.

Outside Triangles:

Determine the finished height of your flying geese unit and add 7/8″.

My finished height is 2 1/4″, so 2 1/4″ + 7/8″ = 3 1/8″ squares.

Cut four of these to yield four flying geese units.

how to sew 4 flying geese at one time. included are the instructions for figuring out the size of fabric you need. so handy!

Do you have a trick to include or that you do for flying geese?

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  1. I love this method for making flying geese! Thank you so much for linking up to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday. 🙂

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