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Fabric Postcards – Using Leaders and Enders

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The last swap that I participated in was – Postcards! So excited for this.

They are so quick and simple to make and because they are smaller, they don’t take a ton of time (unless you count the time it takes to decide what you are going to do!).

For previous postcards swaps, there has been a ‘theme’ to them. This time- no theme. You were completely on your own as far as what you were going to make.

After looking around the room, thinking about making a block or whatever…I found a pile of leaders and enders.

This little pile has been growing.  I’ve been making them because I saw a bag that was made out of them…. of course I want to make one, so I collected.

My leaders and enders were leftover half square triangles and sometimes random pieces of fabric, that have been sewn over a lot of times! There is a lot of thread on each piece. Some have random thread as well, depending on what I was sewing.

*if you aren’t catching on to what a leader and ender is– see this post and video all about them.


fabric- pick it up at Connecting threads or Fat Quarter Shop

Supplies you may need:

You’ll find the Fabric Postcard Tutorial here

Here’s a quick how-to:

  • gather your supplies of leaders and enders or fabric scraps

1- Cut your fabric foundation to the size you are wanting to make your postcard. I chose to cut mine 4″ X 6″

2- Grab your pile of scraps and play around. Move them, layer them, scoot them… until you are happy.

3- Glue in place if needed to secure and then stitch them in place.  Because my pieces were sewn in straight lines, I kept with that – as well as using white thread- to secure them to the foundation.

4- Layer more if you’d like and stitch again if needed

I haven’t applied the paper to the back yet- so they are still kind of floppy-

I didn’t trim up the edges…I kind of liked all the extra string and unraveling that was happening.  I did however trim any super long threads as they might get stuck in the post office machines and then the postcard would get eaten. So be aware of that.

Also, don’t layer them too thick- they need to stay under I think 1/4″ or they will cost more as the machines can’t be used.

This was such a fun project– may be something you can do with the kids as well!

Nothing funner than using up little scraps and digging around for the perfect combination.

Now that my pile of leaders and enders is low again…I’ll have to of course start collecting them.

Have you made anything using your leaders and enders? Would love to hear what!

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    It looks very nice! I like it. This is done in a very simple way, but it looks beautiful. Congratulations on a good job! Let as many such projects as possible.

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