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This tutorial is for the paper bag books that i put together for the Girl Scout Day Camp.
Easy, fun, and quick. plus i got to sew. 🙂

Step 1)
Take 3 lunch paper bags. Lay them on top of each other. I switched them around so not all of the folded or open parts were on the same side. Gives a little variety and reduces bulk just a bit. This will give you front, back, +4 inside pages. If you would like it larger put another bag in. I found 3 was a good number.

Step 2)
After stacking them fold it over and crease the center with your fingers. If the outside edges are off a bit and not perfect that’s ok. Gives the book some character. You do need the folded edge nice for sewing though. I did make sure that there was no bottoms on the outside. If there is flip that “page” and make the outside the nice flat side.

Step 3)
Sew down the folded edge. Have your seam allowance 1/2 ” or so. I used one color on the top and a different in the bobbin. They could “choose” what color they wanted on their edge on the front.
Step 4)
Decorate with paper, pencils, markers, crayons, stamps….whatever your heart desires!! Go for it and have some fun.
I didn’t have any pictures to put in yet, so the paper frames are empty.
Make one for your kids, grandkids, cousins, friends, and even maybe yourself!! Watch out though….Soon you’ll have a big ‘ol pile like this!! This would be great for a 4th july party thing. hmmmmmm….i might have to make some more!!