elf on the shelf -free pattern | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #freepattern #christmas
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Elf on Doll Pattern

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The time is getting close now….. are you starting to think about Christmas?  My kids are getting bigger each year and the likeliness of having another Christmas without the secret coming out is getting slimmer.

Who knows, they probably all know it now and I simply have no idea.

elf on the shelf -free pattern | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #freepattern #christmas

The youngest is 11 this week, and while I have been sewing these little elves up, she has been saying….I always wanted on of these!  I can’t wait to see what the elves do when they come.  So, as you can imagine I will be occupied with a plan for the elves.

I’m kind of a lover of my own handmade things…are you?  So, for some reason I have been putting off the elf on the shelf thing because I was thinking- I’ll just sew up my own.  A year has gone by and nothing.  This year, it kept pestering at me, so I took the time to give them a sketch, sew a few up and then of course they cannot have enough accessories or extras- so those were added along with it.

This week you will have the opportunity to sew along and make your own Elf on the Shelf!!

We will start with the dolls themselves.  There is one girl and one boy….because some families might have either or both like us!  Not that you have to sew each of them, but just that you have an option if you’d like.

elf on the shelf -free pattern | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #freepattern #christmas

They are bendable!  Their arms and legs have pipe cleaners in them so they are able to move and bend with ease.

This is great for some fun staging!

elf on the shelf with bendable arms | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #christmas
elf on the shelf with bendable arms | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #christmas

The little set includes an apron and a skirt for the girl.  She is also so stylish with her hair ponies.

elf on the shelf apron and skirt | patchwork posse | #elfontheshelf #christmas
elf on the shelf apron and skirt | patchwork posse | #elfontheshelf #christmas

The elf on the shelf set also includes:

* a carry bag– or a storage bag.  They can arrive and depart or travel in it.

* luggage tag (or you could sew it to the bag and make it a pocket)  Can easily be personalized.

* hat

* apron

* skirt

elf on the shelf doll set | patchwork posse #freepattern #elfontheshelf

We’ll see you tomorrow when the sewing fun begins!

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9 thoughts on “Elf on Doll Pattern

  1. Cheryl in PA

    Oh Becky! Yours are so much cuter than the original!!! Fab job!!!

  2. rachelle pare

    i can’t wait i have a 3 year old and 5 year old granddaughter and grandson that are going to love these thank you so much for providing the tutorials for them. and just in time for the holidays.

  3. Diane Ditzler

    I really love these tricky little elves!! love each different personality. Good luck with the ‘secret’. cannot remember grandsons age, but when ‘MOM’ finally had to confess..he was VARY upset!! went to his room crying! came out a while later and asked his Mom” So what else are you lying about? I guess there’s no easter bunny or tooth fairy either!!??
    It was a rough day for my grandson, and my daughter!!

  4. Becky

    you are so welcome! I am totally excited to see everyone’s finished elves!

  5. Becky

    thank you! Hope you sew along!

  6. Jan K.

    I love your blog and really like these darling elves. Must make some for a brother and my grandchildren. Thank you so much for your generous heart and talent. 🙂

  7. Angela

    Very cool. We don’t do ELF’s though and have used an angel. I’d love to make one with bendy arms.

  8. Denise

    Shared your AWESOME dolls on my blog. I really need to make these and can see me doing customized ones for my children, freckles and all.


  9. Lorna McMahon

    These little elves are super cute, cute, cute! Love that you added the pipe cleaners to make them pose-able, too. Thanks so much for sharing!

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