elf on the shelf apron and skirt | patchwork posse | #elfontheshelf #christmas
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Elf on the Shelf Accessories Tutorials

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After making the elf on the shelf dolls….we are ready to start with the accessories!  What’s an elf without a hat…and a girl without her skirt.

And then there is the apron. I know a few of the elves like to experiment in the kitchen and of course this would mean that they need an apron.

elf on the shelf apron tutorial | patchwork posse | #christmas #elfontheshelf #freepattern

These dolls are 12″ tall and the arms and legs are pose-able.   Clickety click here for the doll tutorial.

Apron Materials List:

16″ ribbon

2– 3″  X 4″  apron

2– 1 1/2″ X  1 1/2″ pocket for apron (optional)


Elf on the Shelf Apron Tutorial:

1)  Lay right sides together the fabric for the apron

2)  Sew around three sides leaving the top open– you can sew the bottom corners rounded if you’d like

3)  Snip corners and turn right sides out and iron

* Repeat with the pocket pieces (the opening will be along the bottom of the pocket, not the top) and set aside for later

4)  Find and mark the center of the apron and the ribbon

5)  Overlapping the ribbon halfway onto the apron with the RIGHT SIDES of the ribbon on the WRONG SIDE of the apron- Line up the centers and pin to secure


6)  Sew just along the bottom of the apron– that’s the part that is overlapping your ribbon

7)  Fold the ribbon over to the RIGHT SIDE of the apron and sew along the bottom — the top of the ribbon with have the previous stitching and the raw edge of the apron will be tucked under the ribbon


8)  Fold the un-sewn edge inside and iron

9)  Pin in place on the apron and sew around the two sides and along the bottom, leaving the top open

Tie around the elf and you are ready for some fun cooking time!

All cute girls need a skirt….and the girl elf on the shelf is no exception!  She is sporting a super cute twirly skirt with some fun hem tape along the bottom.

Let’s get started!


Materials needed for the skirt:

2– 4″ X 9 1/2″ or 1– 4″ X 19″

6″ elastic for waist

double folded hem tape for the bottom of skirt 19″

Elf on the Shelf Skirt for a Girl Tutorial

1)  Sew one side of the 9 1/2″ X 4″ pieces to make one large and long skirt piece

2)  Sew the hem tape along the bottom of the skirt- slip the bottom of the skirt into the fold of the double folded hem tape


3)  Sew the second side together


4)  Fold the top edge and hem the top of the skirt, leaving a small opening for feeding the elastic through


5)  Using a safety pin, feed the elastic through the hem and sew the ends


6)  Sew the opening closed and snip all threads


elf on the shelf hat tutorial | patchworkposse #christmas #elfontheshelf

All elves will of course need a hat!  The little pointy hat gives the elf a more believable elf look.  The hat will fit either the boy or the girl doll.

Materials needed for the hat:

red fleece 10″ X 6″

white fleece or fuzzy fleece for hat trim 1″ X 10″

pom pom for hat (optional)

template for hat

Elf on the Shelf Hat Tutorial

1)  Cut out the two pieces of hat in fleece

2)  Lay right sides together and sew only ONE side of the hat

3)  Open the hat up and lay the white fleece on top of the red fleece and sew along the bottom long edge


4)  Fold the hat back so right sides are facing and sew the other side of the hat


5)  Snip the point and turn right sides out

6)  Sew a pom pom to the top of the hat


* if you need to adjust the hat size, you can resew one side seam until it fits properly

Here are the other Tutorials—- Patchwork Bag for Storage and a personalized Tag,  Elf on the Shelf doll- boy and girl  or if you’d like here is the whole pattern set ready to print and sew!

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