Free Elf on the Shelf Doll Pattern

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Today we begin the fun of sewing our Elf on the Shelf dolls!  The accessories will be coming tomorrow…today we will be focusing on the dolls themselves.

There is a boy and a girl– both hair styles are included in the templates, so you can have a choice.

elf on the shelf -free pattern | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #freepattern #christmas

These elves are 12″ tall.  They have pose-able arms and legs which let them have fun hanging about, holding onto things or posing for fun.

Materials Needed to make one elf on the shelf doll:

Doll templates

red fabric- body, arms,   5″ X 12″

red fabric- legs  6″ X 4″ –2

cream or other fabric- face and hands  3 1/2″ X 12″

polyfil stuffing


needle and thread

4 pipe cleaners

fleece 6″ X 10″ color of hair

fleece 1″ X 6″ green for collar

elf on the shelf -free pattern | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #freepattern #christmas

Free Elf on the Shelf Doll Pattern

1)  Print off templates and cut out

2)  Sew the 5″ red fabric to the 3 1/2″ face fabric

3)  Lay the body template on the fabric- lining up the face line with the seam of the red/cream  Pin in place and Cut out

4)  Cut out arms lining up the hands line with the seam again.

5)  Cut out legs from red fabric

6)  Cut out hair from fleece


7)  Sew the arms and legs, leaving the top edge open

8)  Turn right sides out


9)  Stuff a little bit of polyfil into the arms and legs and push to the ends


10)  Fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist the end– leaving a loop.  Finish twisting the rest of the pipe cleaner

11)  Stuff the pipe cleaner loop end first- into the arm/legs


12)  Sew the hair pieces to the front and back of heads- for the girls, cut 6 strips 1/4″ X 2″ and sew 3 to each side of the head


13)  Pin the arms and legs in place and stay stitch them into place

14)  Pin the front body to the back body and sew all the way around, leaving an opening on one side- under the arm for turning


15)  Turn right sides out and stuff somewhat firmly.  If you’d like you can snip the ends of the pipe cleaners- if not, bend them so they aren’t sharp and jabbing out of the stuffing

16)  Using a ladder stitch, close the opening


17)  Snip the 1″ green fleece for a pointy collar design

18)  Wrap around the neck and stitch together in the back.  You can snip the length if needed before sewing together.


18)  Stitch a running stitch around the collar to secure to doll


19)  Sew buttons in place (you can substitute this with felt if you’d like) and cheeks


20)  Tie ribbons around the hair ponies and secure with a knot

See how they can bend and play?

elf on the shelf with bendable arms | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #christmas elf on the shelf with bendable arms | patchwork posse #elfontheshelf #christmas

If you are making one, please share it in the facebook group –patchworkposse or in the flickr group.  Can’t wait to see them!

Here are the other Tutorials—-

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