quilt for dad- 16 tutorials/ patchwork posse
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Quilt Dad a Father’s Day Present

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It is a little early to start thinking about this, Mother’s Day just passed byand all, but a quilt for dad takes time.  I wanted to make sure that if this was in your idea mind that you would have enough time to whip one up just in time to give.

16 Quilt tutorials for guys or dads | patchwork posse

There are 16 in this list– I am sure I will be adding to it as I find more tutorials out there that will work for boys and dad quilts.  Keep in mind that the colors in the quilts are really interchangeable.  Go for more colors that are traditional, dark, dirty, or boyish.  When in doubt, ask the boys around you.

The patterns I found are kept to simple and great for beginners who are looking at making one of their first quilts for husbands or for dads.  Some of the patterns are great for layer cakes, jelly rolls or really whatever scrap you have on hand!  Don’t restrict yourself with the size of the quilt tutorials- you can always make more blocks to enlarge the quilt, for a more usable lap size quilt.

Part of the joy of quilting is sewing something with someone in mind– go with their favorite color, sport, interest or whatever.   This will personalize the quilt for father’s day even more.   I have even seen initials cut out and sewn to the top in the corner, or in a special block.  They can then never share it claiming their name is on it.

dad quilt tutorials

1)  On the Go   2) Bold and Fun   3) Bowties for Boys    4) Monkey Boy

quilt dad tutorials

5) Lego Quilt   6)  Ragged Squares  7)  Zig Zag  8)  Beach Bum

quilt dad tutorials

9)  Hugs & Kisses  10) Wheelies Quilt   11) Simple Blocks   12) Plus Quilt

dad quilt tutorial

13) Full Swing  14) Ladder Quilt  15)  Munkie Block   16)  Scrappy Triangles

Father’s Day is a great reason to sew up a new quilt and share a little bit of your talent with someone you love.

quilt for dad- 16 tutorials/ patchwork posse

Have you given a quilt to your Dad?  What pattern did you use?


3 thoughts on “Quilt Dad a Father’s Day Present

  1. Deb Fran

    You’re right…Dad quilts take a little time so really, it’s not far off. I just posted a FREE little boy sailboat pattern on my blog but it could be made larger for Dad. It’s super simple. I’m working on a shop sample for the shop I work at and it would make an awesome dad quilt too. Neither of these would be good for my dad though…. he was in the Navy (YEARS AGO!) and flew in bombers. I’d love to make something with that theme for him… any ideas?

  2. Becky

    haven’t seen a bomber pattern around– go with a plane quilt block. there are a few of those out there that would work.

  3. Linda@With A Blast

    This is an awesome collection! I’d like to invite you to link this at our With A Blast – All My Bloggy Friends #47 Hope to see you there 🙂

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