Applique Pressing Sheet How To

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A couple of weeks ago I picked up this handy little applique pressing sheet.
I have been using it for a bit and have fallen in love!
applique pressing sheet
Have you ever accidentally ironed your applique pieces to your ironing board?

How about getting your iron all sticky because a little bit was left on the edge and it totally stuck and gummed up the iron and then you shed some tears?
Yeah, let’s just say I have more than enough practice with doing things the hard way.
Today we will use the applique pressing sheet and do things the right way!

The Appliqué Pressing Sheet is an absolute must for sewers and quilters! Available in two sizes, this sheet is coated in nonstick Polylon, and allows you to evenly heat and cleanly press heatfusible appliqués. It’s the nomess way to appliqué! Choose from 13″ x 17″ or 18″x 20″.

 pressing sheet

Applique Pressing Sheets:

Purchase the applique pressing sheet here!

Choose from:

  • 13″ x 17″ pressing sheets
  • 18″ x 20″ pressing sheets– this is the size I have!

Ideal for: Pressing all fusible appliqué designs

Other Features:

  • Non-stick surface
  • Keeps colors from bleeding
  • Includes free appliqué pattern
  • Doubled-sided sheet that can withstand high temperates and promotes even heat

Other products you will use with your applique:

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