quilting Becky  

In the leafy treetops…

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The birds sing good morning.

I Was led to while she naps from pillipilli. She is having a making along. Of course i have to give it a try. Who isn’t up for a little challenge? of course i would be–when i should be doing other good stuff. Why not try and pack it all in? Why not do something to keep you from doing what you should be doing. That is a lot of doing?!

Anyways. Here is the poem from Emily Dickinson:

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,

One clover, and a bee.

And revery.

The revery alone will do,If bees are few.

The idea is to take this and interpret it into something fiber.

Who the heck knows where my brain is and why this popped into it? Primary song: In the leafy treetops. Boy i have got a lot of mumbo jumbo happening up there and it is clearly not in order. But there ya go. That’s what i get. No bees. No clovers. No revery. Just In the leafy Treetops. Here’s a little sneaky-do….

Quilt. Just a bit of piecing. Some leaves. Some branches. Some birds—-sing good morning.

Want to know what the song is? Click Here and go to a site that will play the song when you click on the 1st note.

**You’ll have to sing it on your own with the piano** It’s catchy- watch out**

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  1. henny

    Lovely patchwork and also the music! I have heard the song, thanks for sharing..

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