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50 + Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorials

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Jelly rolls and jelly roll quilt tutorials.

You know- those big rolled piles of goodies that you are afraid to open.

Yup, look over to your closet or storage shelf and I’m pretty sure you’ll be looking at a few large rolls of fabric.

They might leave lint all over you when you touch or move them….but I’m telling you right now that you should.

There are a lot of projects you can make with them and surprisingly they come with a lot of fabric.

I kind of think one thing I like the most is that they all match.  They typically come from one line of fabric–meaning you’ll get one strip from one of each fabric in the same line.

They all coordinate and look good together no matter what you do with them!

If you make your own –which is super simple to do as well, you’ll be just fine because typically these Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorials are a little scrappy looking, so they’ll fit right in.

What’s a Jelly Roll~

Jelly Roll 2 1/2 X 45 or Width of Fabric– when bought from the store they are wound all together in a circle. The raw edges are on the top and bottom of the roll.

Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorials~

jelly roll tutorials - perfect for that pile of jelly rolls i haven't opened yet!

Simple Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Sorbet Jelly

Easy beginner jelly roll quilt

Jelly Roll Race

To the Point Jelly Roll Quilt

Cutting Corners Quilt

Scrappy Granny Quilt

Quick Rail Fence

Heart Strips Quilt

Stoplight Quilt

Jelly Roll Jam

Modern Workshop

Triangle Quilt

Off the Rails


Mixed Bag Quilt

Cozy Pozy 

Boxes of Colour

Vintage Domino

Falling Petals

Glistening Star Quilt


Playing with Scales

Sunny Skies

Tropical Punch

Rag Strips

Bailey Crossing

Striped Chevrons

Summer Jewels

Mister DJ

Magic Baby Quilt

Avignon Picnic

Posie Quilt


Gobble Chain

Strip and Flip baby quilt

Sew Stitchy Squares

Jelly Roll Friendship

Four Corners

Rail Fence Picnic

Rainbow Bargello

Summer in the Park

Salt Air Lattice

Quilt Block Jumble

Jolly Jelly Roll

Sugar Almonds

Jolly Bars

Jelly Roll Scrap

Woven Jelly Roll 

Warm Jelly Roll Quilt

Jelly Roll Chain

Key to my Heart

Dresden Blade

over 50 jelly roll quilt tutorials. these are so cute. I'm ready to open a jelly roll now!

Here’s a great Class on using your Jelly roll fabric~


Do you have a go to pattern for using your jelly roll with?

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