How to Paint Barn Quilt Blocks

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During the summer a friend and I had volunteered to be in charge of our quilt group meeting.

We decided to do— quilt block painting.

During the spring we had gotten together and painted large quilt blocks on 3 X 3 squares.  They are big and wonderful, but knew that they were too large for the group to make.

After looking around for a bit we decided to go with a chunky piece of wood.  2″ chunky.  That would keep the wood from warping for the most part and if they wanted to stand it up they could- on a shelf or table.  Or if they wanted, they could use it laying down like a hot plate.

It was so much fun!

Materials needed:

1 block of wood. We went with a 2 x 8



acrylic paint in your choice of colors



painters tape

Quilt block designs

Because I had the wood before the actual meeting, I choose to prime the one side with a roller and let it dry.  Then I had the honey help cut them apart and I sanded the edges.

This was a way to speed up the process with a large group– all they had to do was come up with the layout / block design and then paint.  No waiting for the primer.

But here are the instructions for painting them individually.

Quilt Block Painting~

1- Cut your block so they measure 8″ x 8″

2- Prime the side that you are painting

3- Sand the edges so they aren’t sharp

4- Draw out your design with a pencil and ruler– we took a couple of minutes to look on the internet and search for quilt blocks. A lot of them had it on their phone the whole time to help with drawing it out and choosing colors.  Everyone came up with a different design. Was fun to see what they loved and painted.

5- Tape off the sections if you are worried about straight lines or keeping within areas

6- Paint the different sections – let dry in between coats of paint and sections

7- Outline in black if you want that kind of a look- you could use a sharpie marker or black paint if your hand is steady.

Here’s a quick look at some of the painted blocks.  

A few things needed to be finished on them, but there was just enough time in the meeting to get a great start and layout of the designs.

You can decide how detailed you want to go or keep it simple.

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