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Around the Block | Round Robin Quilt Block 10

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Kate and Elizabeth were a delight to meet this last year at Quilt Market.  They were so generous and enthusiastic about everything!  They even tracked me down later with a swag bag because I was wearing their pin they had given me!

I loved chatting with them and felt they would make a great addition to the sew along.  I was right!  This quilt block is sure to please.  A little bit more complex then the others, but so worth the time!  Take a look-


Six Stars are Better than One!

What they say about their quilt block~

We love star blocks! And we really love the Sawtooth star and the Pinwheel star blocks. They are just so much fun. We add them in to designs whenever we can. Since we couldn’t decide on which one to use in our block, we decided to combine them together into one big star block. I mean really, if one star in a block is good, 6 must be even better! Ta-da- Six Stars are Better than One! is the result!

This is part of the Round Robin Quilt Along Series-– for previous blocks and for theschedule of designers.clickety click here.

Round Robin 2014 | 12 designers | 12 Quilt Blocks | patchworkposse.com

Materials needed for one block:

Main Fabric- 5 squares 2 ½” x 2 ½”
Small Coordinating print- 20 squares 1 ½” x 1 ½”
Background- 1 square 7 ¼”; 2 squares 2 â…ž” x 2 â…ž”, 8 squares 1 â…ž” x 1 â…ž”
Large Star Points- 4 squares 3 â…ž” x 3 â…ž”
Small Star Points- 2 squares 2 â…ž” x 2 â…ž”; 8 squares 1 â…ž” x 1 â…ž”


It’s your turn to sew the Six Stars are Better than One! Quilt Block

*Hop on over here for the complete quilt block tutorial*

Get to know Kate and Elizabeth a little better:

Hi! We are Kate Colleran and Elizabeth Balderrama of Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs. We started our design business in 2003 which gave us a legitimate outlet for our passion for fabric and quilts! We both worked other jobs, took care of the house, the hubbies and the kids (Kate has three and Elizabeth has one) and fit our quilting into every spare moment we could find!

Over the years, we have produced dozens of quilt patterns and we have been lucky enough to have our designs featured in McCall’s Quilting magazine, McCall’s Quick Quilts and Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. We started our business together in CT; since then Elizabeth has moved twice. She now lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband Vince and their cat Stanley. In 2012, Kate moved from her hometown in CT to Colorado where she lives with her husband Jim and their cat Lily. And yes, the cats are in charge. Just ask them.

Fun Fact about Kate:
I love to tell stories. I am not sure if it is due to my Irish roots, or other mixed background, but I do love a good story. I am basically a shy person and it is a way to break the ice. When I recently moved to Colorado, the only other person I knew here was my husband. Since my kids are grown and scattered about the world (CT, FL and Scotland, UK), I wasn’t going to meet people thru them. Quilting has been my savior- it is how I have met so many nice people here. That, and being able to tell a good story!

Fun Fact about Elizabeth:
I really enjoy working with the elderly; they are such an inspiration. Currently I work as an administrative assistant at an Alzheimer’s Assisted Living facility. I have a certificate as an Activities Assistant and love when I get to use that training such as the program I did for National Quilting Day. Every Sunday I have a New York Times Crossword Puzzle challenge with my son. We both do it in pen and then compare our finish times. And yes, it is for bragging rights!

You can follow them here:




Now for the Giveaway 

Winner of last weeks prize:     GrecoMara  congrats!  She posted this quilt block:


This weeks Giveaway is provided by

og18WG (2)ogRN14 (2)

A cutting mat and grid combo!!

How do you enter?  You will need to upload one image of your quilt block to the flickr group.  Winner will be announced next week with the next quilt block.

For all the Quilt Blocks in the Round Robin- Clickety Click here.


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  1. Mara

    I am so excited I am a winner, I promise to do better on my points this weeks block, and I am glad I get the chance to practice some more.

  2. Mary Bostow

    Oh my gosh ! So beautiful, don’t I wish I was that talented!

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