Clear Bag Tutorial

Finding that it is sometimes hard to keep fabric in groups, or quilt kits all together, a clear bag is just the thing I needed!  These are super easy to sew together and have a zipper top so they can be closed without letting little bits and pieces sneak out and get lost.

clear bag tutorial with zipper top | patchwork posse
I thought that these are Perfect for project keepers….either sewing, paper, or whatever else you have in mind.

Besides being quick to make, you can adjust any of the sizes to accomodate whatever you had in mind to put inside.  You could even make them a little set of 3 different sizes.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 zipper per bag
  • 2 strips of fabric per bag
  • Plastic for the bag- I used the table plastic cover you can get from Joanne’s. I did medium thickness. Sewed great. If you get the thicker stuff or you find your plastic sticking terribly when sewing lay a piece of tissue paper under and on top of it when sewing. Then it can’t stick to your feed dogs or your pressure foot. ALSO: We cut our bag size (the length of the zipper + the width we wanted) with the fold at the bottom. This makes your life easy when trying to line things up before sewing the sides. Believe me!!

Clear Bag Tutorial Instructions:

Pick out your zippers and cut 2 strips per bag.

Cut to 3″ by whatever the length of the zipper was. If you would like your bag smaller than the zipper than leave it long right now. you can trim it later.

clear bag tutorial with zipper top | patchwork posse

To save some time and an extra step fold over one edge 1/4 inch to the wrong side and iron.

clear bag tutorial with zipper top | patchwork posse

Line up the ironed edge to the zipper edge. Then sew in place using your zipper foot. That way you can get sort of closer to the zipper. We didn’t make ours invisible as you can see.

Repeat for both sides.

clear bag tutorial with zipper top | patchwork posse

Lay open and flat the sewn strips-  Place on top of the plastic. Sew this down using 1/4 inch seam allowance. Repeat with the other side.

Now you sort of have a tube. Open the zipper up so your hand can slip through (not fun to try and turn when it is closed). Fiddle with the sides and get them all lined up so there are no puckers or problems. Having the clear plastic fold at the bottom makes this very easy to adjust!!

Right sides will be facing.

Sew down each side of the bag.

Sew over the zipper too. –if the zipper is too long you may trim at this point. Then turn it right sides out! Tada!!

clear bag tutorial with zipper top | patchwork posse

How cute is that?!

The smaller ones in the 1st picture at the top are the left over scraps.

They still had the fold on the bottom, but were a little longer and skinny. They work just as well.

If you are looking for a ‘fatter’ bag, you can box the corners.  Here is a quick reminder on how to do this.

I found these kind of addicting. I have a pretty nice collection of different sizes.  They are each full.

Looking for some extra help and supplies?  Here is a great free online class all about zippers-and zippers for your next project—


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  1. Chookyblue......

    11 November

    looks great……..

  2. Cyndi

    19 December

    Do you plan to sell any of these? They’re fabulous! I’d make my own, but I have a Featherweight that doesn’t have a zipper foot.

  3. Carla

    30 January

    How cute are these! Thank you

  4. Jude3944

    13 July

    Thank you for all the great tutorials for beginners. Hope I can learn how to do some of the projects they look fun and like something I could do at the ripe old age of 66 I still love learning new stuff..

    Jude in So Calif

  5. whosies

    14 July

    thanks. 66 is the perfect age to start!!! 🙂


  6. Pam Lakey

    2 January

    This is a great idea, you could even use the scraps from the project that you are making to make your project bag. Thanks for the idea and I need to get busy!!

  7. mariela

    2 January

    muy bueno tu tutorial!!! gracias

  8. posse boss

    2 January

    that would be totaly cute to have a matching set! thanks for the additional idea.

  9. Jussara Regina

    18 January

    Adoreiii!!…vou fazer para colocar dentro de bolsa para praia ou piscina…obrigada..Bjsss JU

  10. Nansie

    2 March

    These would make super cute travel bags for cosmetics and such – Easy for TSA to see the contents.

  11. Becky

    5 March

    That is a great idea! I hate it when they have to dig through all my stuff.

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  13. Nancy Wingo

    19 April

    I am a beginner sewer and I wasn’t sure after sewing the cotton fabric to the zipper, where I was to add the vinyl to it. Couldn’t tell from the photo. I sewed it to the opposite end of fabric (from zipper) and it’s ok, but from the back the vinyl is attached completely to the upper fabric piece but on the lower fabric piece is where the vinyl is attached only to that lower fabric piece. It’s hard to explain. Maybe if you added a picture of the back of the completed bag, I could see what to do and if mine is correct. I could send you a picture of min if I had an email address for you. The bag turned out fine, just unsure if it’s right. 🙂
    Love your tutorials!

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