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I am totally excited about letting everyone know— I am being featured on Moda Bake Shop! It has been on my ‘to-do’ list for a super long time, but i have never gotten the courage up {i know, what?!} to do it.  I finally did and the post has been sitting, sitting and after a bit of time and nervous nail biting, it is being shared today!  {squeels and claps}

wheelies quilt tutorial | patchwork posse

Wheelies Quilt

finished Quilt Size: 80″ X 64″

Block Size:  17 1/2″ X 17 1/2″
Made using 1 layer cake + 2 yards for background
wheelies quilt
The idea for this quilt came when the boys needed some twin size quilts for their beds, and i had a reunion layer cake sitting around {ok really it sat for a week} and i wanted something totally easy, quick and a no brainer.  The blocks came out just right, you use every single bit of the layer cake {no cut-offs at all} and they are enough boyish to work with the background being grey. love that!
wheelies quilt tutorial | patchwork posse
The quilting ended up an angular triangle kind of design.  Lots of straight lines that crossed each other.  Nothing swirly or twirly.  Very straight and boyish.
wheelies quilt tutorial | patchwork posse
click to download
wheelies quilt tutorial | patchwork posse
So, enjoy Wheelie Quilt as the free pattern of the month!– the link will take you to Moda Bake Shop where you will find the whole pattern there.  Thanks moda for featuring me!

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