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Free Printable Charm Squares and Layer Cake quilt tops

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There comes a point in time when you look around your sewing room and you realize that you are surrounded by stacks and stacks of beautiful fabric.

You know those bundles that tempt you in the store.

The ones with the ribbon all packaged beautiful.   The ones all pressed nice and flat that you can flip through and oooh and awe over?


You just spotted them didn’t you?!  You know just what I’m talking about.

Well, today is the day that you grab that beautiful pile and you USE it.

Charm Squares and Layer Cakes to Quilt Tops Printable

free printable for figuring out how many layer cakes or charm packs you need for a quilt top

I’ll let you get over the shock of using the fabric.

But here’s the thing that will make it all ok and be a little easier to do.

Grab yourself the free printable charm squares and layer cakes to quilt tops.  If you take a look, it will help you know exactly how many and even how long the quilt will be – depending on the number of squares you use!

You’ll find it very helpful and a great one to have in your hand.

Here’s what it has: 

charm squares to quilt tops– these squares are so handy and you can cut your own quickly. This cheat sheet is all about what size of quilt you can make using them plus how many you’ll need.

This makes for quick quilt making, in a weekend!

layer cakes to quilt tops similar to the charm squares to quilt tops, this is for the layer cakes (they are larger than charms).

These quilts sew up even quicker because the size is bigger.

You can find the free printable in the pile of Quilters Cheat Sheets grab your copy here!

If you are looking for a full planner and journal that you can print what you’ll use and customize check out the Patchwork Planner & Journal Bundle Pack! There are over 130 pages you can choose to use!

*Includes two of my most popular planner & journal bundles: the Patchwork Planner & Journal and the 2 additional layout / designs and a bonus: Quilter Cheat Sheet. 

You CAN keep your projects under control and love that creative mess while finishing what you started.  More time sewing, less time searching. 

This is a compilation of 3 planners, 1 quilters cheat sheets, and 2 mini collections. Everything you’ll need to organize your sewing projects, notions and build a resource library.


2 thoughts on “Free Printable Charm Squares and Layer Cake quilt tops

  1. Marge Pagliuca

    I have confirmed the email I was sent about the cheat sheets and I still cannot access them. I have received 3 emails into my inbox from you and still I cannot access them.

  2. Linda

    Thanks for the printable Quilt Sizes, etc……I have yet to make a quilt, however, for my first, I would like to make a “Lap Quilt”… your download does not include the measurements for a Lap Quilt. I assume it would be smaller than Twin.

    Thank you for the great web site. greatly appreciated!

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