Video – How to hand stitch hexagons together

Video – How to hand stitch hexagons together

These little hexagons are great for travel stitching.  You’ll all of a sudden find yourself surrounded by an extra large pile of them!

Today we are going to tackle stitching them together.  The process is the same for either stitching them in a row or in a flower shape.

Don’t be afraid to give it a try!

video tutorial of stitching hexagons together by hand

Materials Needed:

needle and thread

hexagons – learn how to make them in this video or tutorial

How to hand stitch hexagons together~

1- line up one edge of a hexagon to the second edge of the hexagon

2- take a couple of stitches on one end of the hexagon to lock the stitch

3- picking up only the edge of the hexagon (not the paper) stitch along the edge to the other corner with a whip stitch

4- take a couple of stitches again at the end to lock the stitch

5- line up the next hexagon and continue

The video is showing an example of sewing your hexagons in a row or line.  Make sure you check your pattern to see what kind of configuration they require for the pattern.

You can make a flower shape with your hexagons as well!

how to sew a hexagon flower

Visit here—> For more hexagon tutorials and projects

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What do you do to make your hexagons turn out wonderful?

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  1. Kathy E.

    2 November

    This is very helpful, Becky, especially with the close ups! Thank you!

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