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Organizing your Holiday Sewing

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This holiday season it’s time to keep things organized.

I’m taking a chance in thinking that you haven’t started sewing your gifts yet….maybe you have and whoopie for you! So smart to keep on top of things and be ahead of the normal game of trail behind.

Either way– if you’ve started it or not, this is going to help you!

This is an extension of the Patchwork Planner & Journal.  It’s a collection of pages that you can print as many times as you’d like (save it to your computer for the forever use).

keeping track of your holiday sewing with the gift planner mini pack

After putting together the whole planner & journal, I really got thinking and there were a couple of suggestions to add some pages.  There are going to be a couple of new mini collections coming out (watch for them coming soon!).  These are great additions to the planner itself, or you can just pick these up and use them independently if you’d like.   They are very flexible.

This mini collection is filled with 8 pages of printables:

  • Notes page– keep track of your ideas, thoughts and possibilities of gifts and projects
  • Gift tracker– who the gift is for, what it is, notes, shipping, ect.
  • Quilt progress– are you making a quilt?  Here is where you can track the progress of them including the name, pattern, and of course a quick overlook of the process till finished.
  • Quilt kit- this is for putting together a kit just for one project.  Fill it out and keep it with your project.  Great for keeping on track as well as making sure all the supplies are there in one place.
  • Project shopping list– this is perfect for tossing in your purse and having on hand what you need, notes and a little check box so you don’t buy more than one.
  • Gift registry– this is an overview of all the projects, who they are going to and when it’s done.
  • Quilt labels– trace them, stitch them or draw them onto your fabric, then apply to the quilt or project.  Write your info and thoughts of the project. This is the spot for reminding yourself and the gift receiver the why’s and when’s for later.

If you have purchased the planner before there are a couple of pages in here that are new and not include in the whole pack.

For the full planner & journal —


For only the mini pack–


Would you like both?  Here’s the combined deal-



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