Hexagon Halloween Projects - super cute. Some sewn by hand, some by machine.
Celebrate Hexagon Becky  

Super Cute Hexagon Halloween Projects

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I’m a fan of the hexagon….if you haven’t already figured that out.
I’m not really sure if it’s the shape or the possibilities, or what.

Either sewn by hand or by machine…if it’s the shape of a hexagon, it’s good with me.   What’s kind of fun about it – not only the shape, but the size.  They are all over the place and there isn’t one size that is more right or wrong than the other. Blow it up for a full quilt. You can even stretch them out! Use small ones and sew by hand for a spider web. Better yet, piece a bunch of fabric together like a string quilt block and make a quilt.  So many possibilities.

You can decide for yourself as well – hand or machine –

To being with — you might need yourself some supplies:

printable hexagon templates

You might need some instructions:

how to sew a hexagon

how to hand sew a hexagon or english paper piece with the hexagon shape:

Hexagon Halloween Projects - super cute. Some sewn by hand, some by machine.
Super Cute Hexagon Halloween Projects

fat quarter quilt- hexagon spider web / patchworkposse.com

Spooky Spiderweb 

Halloween Hexagon Quilt ; DIY project and cute Halloween decoration

Large Hexagon Quilt Tutorial

hexagon table runner title_edited-2

Halloween Hexagon Table Runner

Hexagon Table Runner Tutorial {lemon squeezy home}

Hexagon Table Runner 

Spider Web Table Topper

Spider Web Quilt

EPP Halloween Candy Basket

happy hexagon candy basket

If you are looking for something else that is just as cute, but not hexagon related…but still Halloween, check out these:

halloween applique and embroidery printables and projects | patchworkposse #halloween #quilt #applique #embroidery

Over 30 easy sewing projects for Halloween including, bags, applique and quilts | patchworkposse.com

What’s on your list to sew up this Halloween?



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