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Fabric Book Covers – Fun ways to hide what you’re reading

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Sometimes you just don’t want to share what the original book is.  I mean who wants to share that you have an obsession with romance novels, chemistry books from your college days (that is the honeys love- don’t tell him I told you about it),  or maybe even classic Archie comic books.

It’s not something you want to blast out to the world.  Or– maybe you a collector or notebooks when the sales hit at school time and you have a nice little pile of composition books.  Those are totally my favorite!

cover your book with fabric

Well- today I’m sharing some fun ways to cover those books….what ever they might be.   These are great for covering your notebooks you write in, books you read,  sketchbooks you might be drawing in.  No matter the shape and size and purpose– fabric book covers are a great way to make them a little bit prettier.

Fabric Book Covers~

book cover with closure

Fabric book cover with an elastic closure

Cover A Book Tutorial / Patchwork Posse

Use your fabric scraps and leftover quilt blocks for this patchwork book cover


Use vinyl and pinking shears- super simple book cover!

journal covers

Journal Covers

fabric book cover 2

Fabric covered book cover

jeans with pocket book cover

Your favorite jeans with a pocket cover

mini book covers

Mini book- with a fabric spine!

leather fabric book cover

Use your Leather!


Fabric book cover

fabric strips cover

Strips of fabric cover


Book cover with pockets

fabric book covers

Do you have a favorite pattern or tutorial for covering your books?  I’d love to hear about it!

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