Free Embroidery Designs For Teneriffe

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Teneriffe Embroidery is something new to me. These free embroidery designs for teneriffe will help you learn the stitching technique.

Last month at one of the quilt groups that I belong to– the gal introduced us to Teneriffe Embroidery.  I had never heard of such things!

It’s kind of like chicken scratch embroidery, but much more intense.  You are weaving the thread around spider lengths to make designs.

of course E-How has some instructions on how to.  More info here.

I kind of love it.  I have always been a lover of tatting, {totally on my bucket list to learn it} but this– this might be a little bit easier.  The needle is the ‘shuttle’ and it is crazy what you can come up with!


this purple one has a teneriffe center with tattting surrounding it


You can see a bunch of examples and images here:  Teneriffe embroidery photos

You can check out a few books online {or pdf}

Teneriffe Lace Design Work

Teneriffe Lace Work

You can visit a few blogs which are full of great teneriffe embroidery stuff too:

Nhanduti de Atibaia and Renda Tenerife  — both sites are translatable just in case you need it. 🙂

Some of my favorites from the blogs:


If you’d really like– you can make a flower with the teneriffe embroidery rose tutorial by This and That

I hope you like these free teneriffe embroidery designs 


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