Summer Travelers Plushie Pattern- Free Tutorial

This month's free pattern is- Summer Travelers Plushies.

They are a bunch of little hoodlems who love to travel and go on some mighty wonderful adventures.  Only thing is— they can't do it all themselves.  They need someone to plan and participate with. So, of course these would be perfect for the kiddos to tuck away in the travel bag and show the world to.




I have updated the pattern since it was first published– plus, i re-did the templates so they are nicer. oh yeah.

Take a look at what ours have gone and done since they were first sewn up.


The pattern is included in Issue #10 of The Sewing Cottage Magazine~


Included in this issue- Cherry Chip Quilt, Tic-Tac-Toe & Bull's Eye Set, Fabric Dolls and pocket book, and Picnic Quillow.

Summer is all about having fun– outside.  We are on the move, traveling, camping, exploring and maybe even napping!
This month’s issue has a collection of fun things for the kids– double sides tic-tac-toe and bull’s eye set, little travelers stuffies, picnic quillow and fabric dolls.  But of course we won’t forget the ones who are running these kids around!  Cherry Chip Quilt shows off cherries and cupcakes! Yummy.
To go along with the theme– Marsha is sharing her creative spot, in an R.V. !
Preview the issue: