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Simple Nine Patch Quilt Block Tutorial and Video

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Learn how to sew a nine patch quilt block with the free tutorial and video walking you through the whole process.

Simple Nine Patch Quilt Block Tutorial and Video

Quick and simple way to sew up nine patch quilt blocks! Video and tutorial will show you how.

There is only one rule for the whole quilt block— it will be the reason it sews together perfectly, so don’t skip this!


That’s right. No matter what your finished quilt block is going to be, all the squares will need to be the same size. 

And, they need to be square. That could possibly be considered a second rule….

For the nine patch block you’re going to sew, you’re going to decide where you want your background to be either in the corners or in the center.

Example: if you decide to have them in the corners, then you will need five pieces for your background, make sure your right sides are up.

For my example, I’ve got my five and then your pattern fabric, you’ll need four, depending on the size that you want your block, you’ll cut your squares to that size.

*The materials listed is per quilt block.

Nine patch quilt block with background in the 4 corners:

Materials Needed: 

5– background squares

4– print squares

Nine patch quilt block with print in the 4 corners:

Materials Needed: 

5– print squares

4– background squares

Both versions of the block will follow the same directions. Just watch their placement prior to sewing. 

Additional supplies you may need:

Nine Patch Quilt Block Video

Nine Patch Quilt Block Tutorial

1- Lay your nine patch quilt block out. I used a steady betty– it’s great for laying quilt blocks out and being able to transfer them to the sewing machine area. You can also use your iron on it as well.

2- Starting with the top left and top middle square, lay right sides together and stitch together. DON’T snip the thread. Feed the next step in.

3- Stitch the middle left square and the middle center square together. Again, don’t snip the thread.

4- Stitch the bottom left square and the bottom center square together. Don’t snip the thread.

5- SNIP the first squares and sew the top right square to the unit.

6- SNIP the middle squares and sew the right middle square to the unit.

7- SNIP the last row square and sew the bottom right square to the unit.

8- Snip the first two units, line them up so their seams are lined up and nesting nicely. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to nest your seams.

9- Stitch the last row to the unit above, lining up the seams and nesting them to avoid excess thickness.

10- Press the nine patch quilt block.

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