Sewing Thimbles

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Lately I have been picking up a few new and fun sewing projects….but along with that comes the dreaded hole at the tip of my middle finger.

This little hole seams to find every single needle end- the eye.  ouch!

For Christmas the honey had given me a metal antique thimble….which I totally love, but I thought today I’d talk about a few different sewing thimbles and how to use them.

metal and rubber thimble

How do you use a thimble?

You wear a traditional thimble (usually on your index or middle finger) to protect your finger from the eye-end of the needle. If you use your index or middle finger to push the eye-end of a needle enough times your finger will get hurt; that’s where a thimble like this comes in handy.

Metal Thimbles- 

You’ll find a variety of designs and shapes…round tips, one with ridges, flat tops, etc.   I would suggest playing around with a few before picking one.  They do come in different sizes as well, so make sure you try it on first!

rubber thimble

Rubber Thimbles-

The type I have been using is not the same shape as my metal thimble.  There is a spot open at the tip for your fingernail to hang out if you need.  The bottom has little holes as well so you don’t get a sweaty finger.  who knew!?  It’s easy to travel with as it’s squishy and can adjust to any shape of needle book you are using.

I have found out that when I have the thimble on it’s like a bandaid…the finger just sticks right out and hides from all use thinking it’s wounded.

The rubber thimble is a little less obtrusive so my finger doesn’t stick out and not work as much as having the metal thimble on.

Thimble Tips-

Not sure if they are called dots or tips…but they aren’t a full thimble.  They are just a little dot that is sticky and you place it where you need it.

I have tried out the little quilt dots.  They work as well if you don’t like wearing a thimble, but you need protection on you pushing spot on your finger.

They come in a variety of styles as well– they are rubber, metal, or a thick sticker.

How to Use a Thimble:

Do you have a favorite thimble type that you use?

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