Round Robin 5 Row 2 with Jo’s Country Juncti...

Round Robin 5 Row 2 with Jo’s Country Junction

Today is the second row for the Round Robin- Winter Wonderland Theme

quilt along

quilt along 2013

Jo and Kelli from Jo's Country Junction have designed this row featuring an embroidered center and a pieced snowflake quilt block.  

This is a simple pattern– and the embroidery is a fun mix up with the row, don't you think?  I can't wait to get started on this!  Use a little bit of what I learned from Lisa too– weee.   The embroidery is around 13" X 8" and she has you stitch it in red! I love redwork.  You will be sewing 6 of the snowflake blocks and she breaks them down so they are super easy to sew up.  You will have this row done quickly!

CLICK ON THE PICS TO ENLARGE AND SAVE/PRINT or use the print button at the bottom of the post

round robin jo row 2   round robin 2013 jo row 2

or Download Here: RoundRobin-2013


A little about Jo: 

I am a real simple girl with a real simple life and I hope it always stays that way.  Her style is classic.  Dark, dirty colors….traditional patterns and blocks.  However she does like to step out of the box occasionally and throws curve balls every once in awhile.  She does finish quite a bit thought and shares her stash use {you go girl! Way to use up what you already have!}

What's Jo up to now?  Her most recent finish:

Swing on by Jo's blog and say hi–

Jo's Country Junction

This pattern is for the Round Robin Winter Wonderland Quilt Along Series.  No registration required to sew along.  All of the previous rows and schedule of designers can be found here:  

Round Robin 5 Winter Wonderland

Photo Gallery~So we can all keep track of what we have sewn, there is a Flickr Photo Gallery set up for the Round Robin.  This is a great place to post photos of your progress– from fabric choice to final finish.  We want to see it all!  {this truly is the only way we can share since we don't live by each other- think of it as our spot for show and tell}  I check it often and comment, so please share!

If you'd like a little reminder in your email for the Round Robin Patterns and posts-  Sign up for my weekly updates {includes a couple of free patterns right off the bat + anything new that I add.  Lucky you!}   Remind me of the Round Robin and other Sew Alongs!

Next row will be posted: Feb. 25th- Robin Gallagher  See you then!


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  1. Marie

    11 February

    I have tried several attempts to print the pattern for the embroidery and cannot get it to the correct size. Any suggestions?

  2. Pat Harrell

    11 February

    This is so cute, I wanted to print it and get started right away. But……….

    I don’t see a print button at the end of the post. When I click on enlarge the picture, the words aren’t legible nor is there a pttern for the embroidery. Where can I find the directions for this wonderful row?

  3. Pat Harrell

    11 February

    Ah! Figured it out. Had to save it on my computer first, and then it printed fine. Sorry!

  4. Marie

    11 February

    Thanks Pat Harrell. I saved it to my computer, that helped.

  5. marie ward

    12 February

    How do i sign up for the e mail

  6. Jeannie S

    12 February

    Is the embroidery done with backstitches? This one may take me a little longer with hand work! lol

  7. whosies

    12 February

    you can use the link, or the button on the right…or the little tab on the left. whichever you like the best. 🙂 Welcome!

  8. whosies

    12 February

    jeannie– it is, but if you want to sew it with a running stitch, go ahead! make it easy on yourself so you don’t take forever to finish. 🙂

  9. wendiq

    13 February

    I really want to be part of this row quilt, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out how to get the pattern for this second row. Can you help? I’m sure I’m not the only one. I did save it to my computer file, but that did nothing to get it sized right for me…:( HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  10. whosies

    14 February

    i have added a download link for those of you who are having trouble. get sewing would you so i can see your finished row! I am excited!

  11. wendiq

    14 February

    Thanks for that download link, Becky. Now I can begin Row 2….:)

  12. Jeannie S

    14 February

    Just uploaded the picture of my row to the flickr site! I just used one fabric for my border rows – wasn’t sure how long the 4 pieces were to be so I had to wait until the rest of the row was finished. I didn’t have a lot of whites in my stash, so some of the whites are actually light blue prints on white. 🙂

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