Round Robin 5 Row 1 with Patchwork Posse

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Today is the first row for the Round Robin- Winter Wonderland Theme

round robin delectable mountain

round robin

I am totally lucky to start off this years Round Robin!! This year the theme is Winter Wonderland– and so I am sharing the Delectable Mountain Quilt Pattern.

This block is really super easy when you sew and cut things correctly and follow the instructions. 

Yes, you will find a little mistake in the row that I made…..why because isn't it tradition to have one mistake in your quilt– putting it in there on purpose?  Of course! So, I thought that I wouldn't want to go against tradition. So…you will find that one block is not in fact a mountain, but a couple of cliffs. 

delectable mountain quilt pattern


Background:  Cut 4– 8 1/2" X 8 1/2" 

Mountain: Cut 4– 8 1 /2" X 8 1/2" {for a mix of mountains, I cut 2 squares out of 4 different fabrics

Thanks for Betty for reminding me this: The cool thing is.. you can get 4 mountains out of 1 fat quarter-mountains and 1 fat quarter-background fabric.

1) Draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the lighter fabric

2) Lay one light square on dark square

autumn quilt block tutorial1

3)  Sew on each side of the drawn line 1/4" from the line

autumn quilt block tutorial2

4)  Cut down drawn line.  Iron 

5)   Lay the half square triangles right sides together- lights and darks are opposite each other

autumn quilt block tutorial4

6)  Cut them into 4– 2" strips- make sure you are cutting the correct direction!  

autumn quilt block tutorial 5

7)  Re-arrange the order of the 4 strips so they will make a delectable mountain

Each section will measure 6 1/2" X 8" tall.  Sew the two sections of 4 strips each together-

round robin delectable mountain

Repeat the steps with each background and mountain fabric for 4 mountains.

Sew each delectable mountain block into a row 4 blocks wide

round robin delectable mountain  

delectable mountain

That is Miss Daisy venturing out in the yucky weather to take some photos…. 

This tutorial is similar to the one I did for Quilting Gallery — Delectable Mountains 12 1/2" X 12 1/2" Block Size

This pattern is for the Round Robin Winter Wonderland Quilt Along Series.  No registration required to sew along.  All of the previous rows and schedule of designers can be found here:  Round Robin 5 Winter Wonderland

Photo Gallery~So we can all keep track of what we have sewn, there is a Flickr Photo Gallery set up for the Round Robin.  This is a great place to post photos of your progress– from fabric choice to final finish.  We want to see it all!  {this truly is the only way we can share since we don't live by each other- think of it as our spot for show and tell}  I check it often and comment, so please share!

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