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the Round Robin Edition 15- quilting printables, cheat sheets & project tracking

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happy monday.

A little behind the scenes again.

With the full planner and the calendar version out, there of course came a moment of thought that a mini or pocket edition would be at sometime added.  With a whole lot of look overs and adjustments, I think that the final version is pretty awesome! (might be a little biased there)

I couldn’t be more happier on how it has turned out and while they haven’t physically arrived to the home yet, I cannot wait to get my hands on them!

You can pre-order here (they come in a 2 pack!): Pocket Edition 2 Pack


in the sewing room

This past weekend I went to a cabin for a couple of days with a few friends.

Man, I do love me some retreat sewing time!  Nothing is better than having a pile of projects and just sitting and sew, sew, sew.

While I did get quite a bit done, it wasn’t as much as I was hoping! lol

I did manage to finish over 20 quilt blocks for the Sampler of 2018 & a block for the Scavenger Hunt BOM & a pile of blocks for a new quilt (coming soon!).  You can find all of the patterns in the International Association of Quilters.

Just a quick note added to this— the IAQ (online quilt group) is open again!  You can join anytime right now…and start sewing along with us. We have been working on the Sampler of 2018 and the Scavenger Hunt BOM.  Both, you can find on the site:

today’s topic  printables, cheat sheets & project tracking

For a lot of us quilters, keeping organized can be such a crazy concept!

There are times when I am really organized and I know where everything is and what project I’m working on and what needs to be done….and then there are times when it looks like the bomb went off in the sewing room…..mostly concentrated on the cutting mat.

Not only that…but keeping track of information that is helpful can also be tricky.

Here is what happens to me- I need to know a size of something, I can’t remember.  I think I’ll quickly look it up on the internet…and then- many minutes later (sometimes longer!) I emerge from the computer not remembering what I was there for because I got distracted by all the wonderful projects I saw and think I should sew!

The Quilters Cheat Sheets are here!

On the blog there has been many of these printed, but today they are all in 1 collection / file.  Super simple to download and to print and keep in a binder or pin to the wall for quick reference.

Print them up here: Quilters Cheat Sheet Printable Pack

Another of my favorites is the Planner & Journal.  While it doesn’t have a calendar with it, it’s great for journaling those projects, making kits and keeping new ideas and inspiration together.  The best part of this- it’s a pdf file.  After saving the file, you have access forever + print off whatever you want to use!

No wasted paper, or blank pages. You get to build the planner that you’ll use.

Patchwork planner & journal. Over 30 pages you can customize and use for your sewing and quilting projects! visit to pick up your copy.

Print them up here: Patchwork Planner & Journal

Now, if you are needing a big kick in the pants to get things under control- there is the Ultimate Quilters Bundle. It has all 3 all bundled together!  This includes the pdf Patchwork Planner & Journal, the 2018 Calendar and the NEW Pocket Edition!

Check out the Ultimate Bundle Pack here.

sew it make your own quilt kits~

Needing to put that kit together before you start out?

Here’s a great way to make your own quilt or sewing kits. With a printable as well- and instructions for making up a clear bag to store and carry it all.

Make your own Sewing kit Tutorial and Printable.

something fun

Organize your Sewing Room…  click here to read more.

Fun Posie Flower Pins…  click here to read more

10 tips for organizing your sewing room…. click here to read more

Clear Bag Tutorial…  click here to read more

Binder cover for all those printed pages…. click here to read more

3 ring zipper binder bag…. click here to read more

quilty chit chat

There have been a few fun projects posted in the Quilting 101 fb group.

 The Three’s Company  your blocks are flying in and they are sooo wonderful to see! Are you sewing along?

Join the group for free here.

For all the Round Robin editions- visit here.

Do you have a favorite resource online or in person that you love? Share it in the comments!

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