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Quilt Along- In the Leafy Treetops

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In the Leafy Treetops
Day 2

How is everything going girls? Everyone all cut out and ready for day 2? …..sure you are…right?
Well, here we go. We will be SEWING!!! yay for needle and thread!!

You will need to gather up all those squares and get them ready to make some blocks together.
You will be using 4 light patterned fabrics and 5 screaming (or not) patterned fabrics for each block.
You will be making a total of 8 BLOCKS. Easy enough for today. If you have been doing the Crazy MomQuilts 9 patch sew along this should be a piece of cake!

Instructions :
1) Grab your squares and lay them out in the following pattern……
WAIT!!! before you go any further read the highlighted writing below. go on. read it. then come back. here. ok. back?

2) Sew them together. You want to sew the top row together, then the middle, then the bottom. This will make your life a BUNCH easier trying to keep those all in the right order.
3) Iron those girls! This will make the points work right if you do. I ironed mine all the same direction. Now, don’t freak out on me…..see the center? It is the same on both sides, so i can ‘flip’ it to make the seams opposite. See that? ok. calm down. Now, go iron some stuff.
4) Sew the rows together. See how you make the seams match? See them go in different directions? Because you ironed them. good.

Now, pin them:

This will definitly help in keeping those corners nice. Believe me.
5) Finish these up by ironing them.


MMMMMM. nice.
6) Repeat till you have 8 of these. These will end up to be 9 1/2 inch square

DON’T KILL ME HERE EVERYONE—-YIKES. I just caught this as i was writing these up. I TYPED THE WRONG SIZE FOR THOSE IN BETWEEN BLOCKS!!!! UUUGGG. WHERE IS MY BRAIN? I am soooo sorry. i didn’t catch that. I did that to myself too. cut the blocks too small and had to re-cut. waaa. i apparently don’t even learn from doing the mistake myself. ………if you are really hating me and don’t want to cut out new blocks, because of fabric waste (you can use those on the back) You could….waste only a 1/2 inch and …..square up these 9 patch blocks to 9 inch. yikes! that would make them a little skinny on the outside blocks. Maybe a little Cranky too. totally up to you.blah. (I fixed the measurements on the previous blog to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.)

7) Repeat with the smaller squares. The 2 1/2 inch squares. Same process. You will need to repeat untill you have 4 of these smaller blocks. They will be 6 1/2 inch square

8) Finished for today. Boy, that was an ordeal. This is more like a cranky quilt, than a summer…relaxing…in the leafy treetops quilt. tomorrow i will do better. That’s only if you decide to come back after i have totally ruined your nice fabric. 🙁

remember to flickr it too…. AMY i love yours!! thanks for posting.

Until then….or not…here are some more ‘friends’ to the previous nuded girl—who is now clothed and happy, but not quite ready to make the official appearance. It’s a com’in though. Just you wait.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Along- In the Leafy Treetops

  1. Sherry

    I just wanted you to know how much i enjoy your blog!

  2. Anita in Florida

    I'm not quite finished with day 1 yet….soooo no mistakes here…whew…I promise I WILL catch up…had some other finishes to do.

  3. urbancraft

    wow, looks like a wonderful project. I'm liking the little polka dot doggie ears.

  4. Kyra

    WooHoo! For once it was a good thing that I was behind, no mistakes here either! Lovin' this project, thanks!

  5. Whosies

    thanks for being procrastinaters girls. it is paying off this time for sure!!! thanks for the nice words everyone.

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