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Quilt Along- In the Leafy Treetops

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In the Leafy Treetops
Day 3
Has everyone recovered from the mistakes of yesterday? ugghh. i must not dwell though. we are all good at figuring things out aren’t we? so did you fix it? how? did it go ok? survive? have you forgiven me? will you continue on? To help you out on the confusing sizes i did…..here are the correct ones. just in case. (the posts have been changed and are correct now too) the 9 patches will end up at 9 1/2 square….the spacer blocks are cut to 9 1/2 inch square. got it? confused still? email me 🙂
Today we will put the top together. How about Some more sewing fun.
You will need to gather up all the 9 patches, borders and spacer blocks. Got them?
1) Lay out the center of the quilt as follows:
1st row—spacer, 9 patch, spacer, 9 patch
2nd row— 9 patch, spacer, 9 patch, spacer
3rd row–see how this is going? spacer, 9 patch, spacer, 9 patch
4th row– 9 patch, spacer, 9 patch, spacer

2) Sew these blocks together in their rows:

3) Sew those rows together to get a nice center of the quilt top.

Did you end up with a nice center of a quilt? yippeee!!!

**If you used 9 1/2 inch spacer blocks the sides will end up to be 36 inches. If you trimmed a bit and used the 9 inch squares then you need to measure those edges. Sorry. After you measure them, then cut that border to match that. Just the border fabric…..You want those to fit. You don’t want to stretch that center out. nope. don’t do that. you should have the same size for all 4 sides.
3) Now for the border. Sew the 6 1/2 inch 9 patch squares to the ends of 2 of the borders.
4) Sew one border (it has no 9 patches on the ends) and sew it to the top of the quilt center.
Repeat: Sew the second border (it also has no 9 patches on the ends) and sew it to the bottom of the quilt center.
5) Sew the border —now, this one has the 9 patches on the ends… to one side of the quilt center. You can pin the seam of the 9 patch to the seam of the border. they should match nicely. Finish up with sewing the other border to the other side.
6) Your finished quilt top will now look like this:

How cute is that?!!! Did everyone end up with a cute quilt top? I sure hope so… Load them up on the flickr group. please.
Tomorrow we will be cutting out the leaves, branches, and birds. Do you need some fabric for those? of course. chalk it up to being the worst Quilt along ever!!! i didn’t add that at the beginning did i? man, Big L on the forehead right now. It’s a good thing this is in the cyber world or my home would have been egged.
Back to the fabric:
* Big Leaves- fat quarter
* small leaves– fat quarter
* birds– 2 different fabrics- contrasting please. light/medium to a dark. Think body and wing.
* Branches– 1/3 yard. i used one fabric for them all. You could do them more scrappy if you wish.
Does that help everyone? I think when i am done i will work on getting a downloadable pattern for you. Might be just a bit nicer than all the corrections. Don’t you think? One that looks perfect….. makes me look good. i need that with this one.
–great give away at bit of whimsy–

2 thoughts on “Quilt Along- In the Leafy Treetops

  1. Tiffany

    This is terrific. Right up my alley. So I actually have a scrappy vintage sheet quilt top I want to use for this. What is the finished size of the top and I'll add to mine if need be and be ready for the leaves, branches and birds 🙂

  2. Anita in Florida

    Well…I'm still on day 1…probably won't get it done today. But LOVE the way yours is looking…only hope my fabrics can compare!

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