Pre-K Patchwork Quilting Basics

This past year has been a blast.

I have been messing around with a few ideas for the next year 2014, and am ready to let you all in on what will be happening around here.

I am one to like schedules– keeps my busy brain happy, happy, happy.  I love to find topics and stick with them….adding in a few different, unexpected, surprise post every once in awhile. This last year I focused on quilt blocks {that won’t end around here, but it will be changing a little bit!

quilting 101

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This is the year we take one subject at a time and totally go quilting basics!  Topics will range from –what is a quilt?, fabric, cutting, sewing, designing, basting, quilting…one topic per week! That means there will be 52 all together by the end of the year! Phew!

The world of quilting and sewing is huge! It’s easy to get all caught up on the newest trend and loose our ways and the basics of it all.  This quilting basics series is a kind of quilting 101.  To bring us back to the basics of basics.  To start some discussions on the topic and most importantly to help each other out and spread the world of sewing to others. {we can never have enough sewers can we?!}

We are going back to before patchwork.  Kind of like pre-school for patchwork.  Even if you feel like the topics are like…duh. I’d love to have you join in the conversation and share your tips, tricks and how to’s.  The more that will share the better!

The ‘classes’ will be here – nothing fancy to join, or sign up for…and it’s free! I know, school is never cheap!  Make sure you stop by every Thursday to find out the topic and chime in with your 2 cents.

Attend when you can.  Yes, pj’s are allowed as well as your favorite drink in hand.

If you need a little nudge on remembering when the classes will be….I”m happy to send you a reminder! {I am one that forgets a lot– but mostly it’s because I am busy sewing!}.


The first class starts on January 2nd– will you be there?!

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