The Sewing Cottage e-zine First Issue

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That's right, I have gone and done it– a monthly online magazine or e-zine.  The Sewing Cottage

Just to fill you in {because you are the only ones that listen} I have always wanted this addition to my online workshops.  The idea has come and gone and it's back with a vengeance!  That just means you are super lucky that's all.  I am not a pro– but the patterns will be fun and different and there will always be something new! I promise.

This month is Issue #1 and there are over 8 patterns stuffed into this beauty. 

the theme for this month is "Woodlands"


     Snippety Squirrel Quick Stitch Pattern

Just because you are the best– the Picnic Pack is FREE!!

Besides the sewing, quilting, stitching goodies- I have decided to add a few digital goodies too-

* Crafty Book Plates

* Monthly Calendar for Cd holder


* Antique Patterns

* Sewing Q & A's

* Giveaway

I'm keeping the price small — $3 per month.  {heads up– the quick stitch patterns by themselves are $6/each} This is sold as a subscription and you can quit it at anytime!

Each month will be a 'theme' .  Next month of course will hit the Christmas Spirit–

All the patterns are new or re-designed by me- Becky of Patchwork Posse.  The patterns run from very beginner to semi-advanced.  Some will be whip it up quick, and others might take a bit more time.  This just makes sure there is something in there for everyone!

Of course there will be a gallery for you to load up photos and share your finished beauties + you can ask questions in the forum also.

 There is a preview is you would like to see inside here– The Sewing Cottage Issue 1

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