Organizing my Sewing Room Day 4

Well, with the new year starting i took a look at my books {not the money ones…i did that allready} I am talking about my ideas, thoughts, designs, drawing, sketches and whatever else that pops into my quickly distracted head.  The brain is busy and the books help me out. Well, apparently the brain was really busy because both books are done!

That’s right a composition book and a sketchers book.  Both loaded to the end and filled with everything–


This is how i keep everything sort of straight. I find it wonderful to look back and take a quick read….i always find some great ideas that maybe i wasn’t ready then, but now. Oh, yeah. Let’s get it goin!

I picked up a new sketch book {walmart has the best deal for it– and the paper is a bit heavier than others too} and stuffed a new composition book inot the cover {some nice gal stitched it for me in a swap}  and we are ready to go!

I also picked up a 3 group of these from Barnes and Nobles and love them!!!  I keep one in the purse, one by the bed {you never know when the ceiling texture shapes speaks to you}…they are perfectly wonderful for jotting quickly things down. totally better than those lost receipts too.


I find the hard thing is to get it started….had ya fooled for a moment there didn’t i?

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