Organizing the Sewing Room day 2

So, after finishing up all the patterns and their little pieces, I thought I'd hit next—- the shelf in the sewing room! Oh boy girls. This was a dooosy. When I unloaded boxes when i moved in there, I seriously pulled it out of the box, and stacked it on the shelf and it has not moved since! I have no idea what is there— why is it there… i really need it?  Here, take a look:


 Yeah. horrible. i am thinking that it is pretty typical behavior though. Are you guilty? Oh yeah.

So, let me tell you what I did. First, i got on all my warm clothes….scarf, fingerless gloves, warm fuzzy boots and headed out to the sewing cottage that has had the heaters on for 15 minutes or so.  Then…..I emptied the whole shelf. Yikes!  That is really the only way i can do it. That made me touch everything!  I finally knew what was there! lol

Then, i sort of sorted them by what i use, doll pile, quilt magazines all on the bottom {those totally need to be better sorted and pretty much gotten rid of i am sure…maybe later}  Then i put the scrapbooking paper by itself– and plain paper i use to draw templates on…..and my where woman create collection.  Mary Janes Farm collection. Japanese craft magazine collection….and totally ugly weird craft book collection from back in the day that i am in love with {isn't that just wrong?}

 After the whole thing was done, I stood there and thought— where the heck is my other japanese book?  How about my one yard wonders book.  How about….you see I actually realized I hadn't had the whole thing out! thinking, thinking…then… light bulb- there is a super heavy box under my sewing table that has books! I lugged it out– and there was a bunch of goodies!!! yay!!!


They all are resting nicely together and the shelf looks soo much better. And hey, maybe i can read something now.

how do you organize your shelves?

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  1. Jo

    3 January

    Ok now I have a problem. I did not know I was supposed to have organized shelves. I have no idea why but when the sewing room is a mess I can always find what I need. The times I have tried to put it in order I move things and then it takes me months to find them again. I guess I am one of those people with a messy mind. It looks like you are doing a great job, may the force be with you.

  2. posse boss

    3 January

    that is too funny! i sort of know where things are…but they never really got put where they needed to go. believe me- the look won’t last long! lol

  3. Sandy

    6 January

    I don’t have too many books (yet), but I have been buying quite a few magazines lately. Me thinks I will be having this problem in the near future!

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