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Round Robin #4 row 1 by Patchwork Posse

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I think i missed the start date– which is the 13th of January. I sure wish i’d set alarms on my phone or something. You think that at the beginning of the year I’d be a little more on top of time!

This free pattern for the Round Robin has been designed by- me! lucky for me before all the good ideas were taken for designs. lol

There is a big monster watermelon surrounded by picnic style patches + to keep things easy for everyone a spacer on one side. This can be adjusted later if needed.

If you’d like you can join the group —totally free and easy to do– -post your photos in the gallery for all to see + make a few new friends who are sewing along with it.  If you join the group- you will recieve email reminders when the new row is posted. {and it will be on time}

The next row will be:

January 27 designed by: Caron Carlson 

2 thoughts on “Round Robin #4 row 1 by Patchwork Posse

  1. Lisa Johnson

    It so nice that you have a big download button to get the pattern for each row. So far I love the watermelon theme for a picnic. I cannot wait to see what comes up next.

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