Cleaning your sewing machine resources |
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How to Clean your Sewing Machine

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Do you ever look inside your machine? Does this look familiar? I call this- making batting.

Here is a list of some great resources to help you figure out what to do and how to do it-that is, clean and oil your sewing machine.   We all want our machines to last forever.  I get a little sad when the machine is in the shop- even for a good cleaning.  I don’t like to see it in such a state! Why don’t I keep better care of it? 

Cleaning your sewing machine resources |

This is where the little list below will be helpful:

Cleaning and Oiling your machine

 Vintage Machine

Oil for your machine

If you have found another tutorial or blog or whatever else that is helpful and wonderful share it! Comment and leave us a link, so we can know more about taking care of our babies.

After all- we all love to collect fabric and notions, purchase more patterns for beginners than we need, and of course sew up some wonderful patchwork crafts!   If we have a machine that won’t workwe couldn’t do any of that fun stuff.

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  1. Kevin Rogers

    cleaning a sewing machine is also an art of work. sometimes we got messed up in the process. but its not very hard to worry about. we regularly needs to clean and oil our sewing machine for the best use. do you suggest some specific fabric to do so?

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