Hankie Baby Quilt Free Quilt Tutorial and Pattern

Hankie Baby Quilt Free Quilt Tutorial and Pattern

Issue 3 of The Sewing Cottage is out!!! Phew.

The Hankie Baby Quilt is one of the quilt patterns included and is this months free sewing pattern!

Snatch up Grandma’s Hankies and Vintage Sheets— you can whip this baby out in one evening. Promise.

There is a bit of hand stitching with super fat thread — if you want to….or go for the machine.

Don’t worry if there are a few stains or wholes….just gives it a bit of character.

Here it is hanging out with the Heirloom Doll {also included in the Current Issue}


Take a quick preview:


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  1. Natalia

    24 December

    This is just perfect–quick, gorgeous, and using up some of my vintage linens! I already have ideas how I’ll use it…sheets from a closer vintage to the hankies’, maybe light ones behind the hankies and brighter ones for the edges. So excited to use this wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much!

  2. Yolanda

    28 December

    I just finished one of these and would love to show you a picture!

  3. posse boss

    28 December

    send me a photo!

  4. Yolanda

    28 December

    posse boss, I’d love to, but don’t have an email address for you!

  5. Yolanda

    28 December

    Just figured it out. 🙂

  6. susan m jensen

    3 September

    love all and thank you for shring. Keep your sewing Machine oiled!!

  7. Kathy

    8 September

    What a great idea! I’m just sorry I’ve passed up so many pretty hankies at flea markets and estate sales . . . I’ll be buying now!

  8. Leda

    12 December

    I tried to open the free pattern for the baby hankie quilt, but it says the page isn’t available. HELP!! I love this quilt!

  9. whosies

    12 December

    leda- thanks for the heads up! some of the links no longer work…. It is fixed now! Enjoy!!

  10. Amy T

    22 December

    Just found you and I have my bag of freshly laundered and ironed vintage hankies that I have been waiting to make into something, now I know. Thanks for the pattern.

  11. carol power

    22 December

    I would like to know how to get a copy of the January 2012 The Sewing Cottage.

  12. whosies

    22 December

    they are in the etsy shop:

  13. anne

    29 December

    looking for pattern for door knob covers

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