Chenille Christmas Stocking Pattern

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Take those favorite hankies, embroidered goodies and chenille beadspreads to make up an heirloom christmas stocking.  This free christmas stocking sewing pattern is a great pattern for beginners too!  It’s large enough for a fair amount of presents– but not too big… can’t be too greedy now, can we?

The top edge of the Christmas stocking is a vintage hankie {from my ever growing collection}  This is a great way to use the points– they usually have the embroidery or fancy crochet edgings.

christmas stocking

Chenille Christmas Stocking

The toes and heels are also hankies.  Mix and match so it gives it a scrappy look and feel.  If you don’t happen to have chenille hanging around in your collection, you could use a ‘cutter’ quilt.  That’s a quilt that has been loved and washed enough times that there are holes, warn spots, maybe even some slobber spots.

So go dig through your fantastic stash and see what you have that will work…..


Christmas Stocking Template Download    Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

After you print the pattern you can use it to fussy cut around the fun stuff on your chenille fabric.  It is fun to put on show the great designs and colors of the fabric.  If you find you don’t have enough for the whole stocking, piecing would work too.

This would be a great showcase for your collection that you have hidden for a long time on your shelves.  Time to dig them out and get them used!  Better yet, search through grandmas cupboards and find her bedspreads and hankies. This is a great memory maker project.

How long have you had your fabric around for? 

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