crochet edge blanket tutorial | patchwork posse #crochet
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Handmade-ify a Store Bought Blanket

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So, I went to quilt group last Thursday {hi girls} and guess what? We had a great time.  Besides that. We had a wonderful project and I just had to share.

Because it was the first meeting of the year, she decided to have us all sit in a circle and CROCHET!!!  oh. yea.  She gave us a little bit of instruction and off she sent us.

This is what we did—- we  Handmade-ified a Store Bought Blanket

crochet edge blanket tutorial | patchwork posse #crochet

Crochet Edge Blanket


Materials Needed:

  • store bought fleece blanket that has been button stiched around the edges.
  • Skeen of Yarn
  • Crochet needle size F, G or H

Step one— Start crocheting!!  Do a quick slip stitch and off you go.  We crocheted not into the holes from the blanket stitch, but on top of the actual stitching.  You can choose what kind of stitch you would like.  We did a bit of double crochet.

Continue all the way around and finish off.


If you are crazy in love with crochet, head around the blanket a couple of times, do pop corn balls, loops, scallops…. find an edging pattern and do it.

This is a great way to make the handmade blanket just a little extra special.

Couldn’t be any easier than that!  Really, could it?  I whipped mine up in the one evening gabbing along the way.

Our new president made us some super yummy and totally cute CUPCAKES to go along with the party:


Have fun with Handmade-ify your Store Bought Blanket…….

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  1. Lindsay @ Me, Quilting

    Such a great project! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Anastacia

    what a cute & easy idea

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