Guest Designer Podcast- Yvonne of Quilting JetGirl

I’m excited to introduce you to Yvonne this month as our guest designer.  She was a delight to chat with and I am sorry that we had crossed paths at quilt fest last fall, but didn’t have an opportunity to actually meet. (too busy doing my own thing!)

Anyways- her background is very interesting and she is such a smart girl. Her style has evolved lately into an extra long obsession or interest in transparency.  That is also what the pattern she is sharing with the members is about and I’m excited to see what the members do with it!

I thank her for taking a long minute with me to chat and for sharing her talent with the group- she is one you should get to know and watch…..I’m sure there are some wonderful things coming up for her!

Enjoy the interview–

About the project for the quilt group:

“I have developed an affinity for using careful selection and placement of different color values in my quilt pattern design. For the design Star Cube, I strove to create a quilt block based on one of my favorite doodles, a 3D line sketch of a cube, and bring it to 3D life by careful placement and use of fabric color value.

The pattern contains a detailed page of information to guide you through the fabric selection process, if you have never worked with fabric value selection before. Also, feel free to reverse my suggestions in color value (try dark to light instead of light to dark) or another fun option to consider for this quilt pattern would be to fussy cut from your favorite large scale print for Fabric C and then “frame” around it in coordinating colors. ”

Download the Pattern:  (Please login or become a member for access to her pattern)

Materials List:

Fabric A – 1 ¾ yards (Lightest)
Fabric B – 1 ¾ yards
Fabric C – 1 ¼ yard
Fabric D – ½ yard (Darkest)
Backing – 4 yards
Binding – ⅝ yard

Enjoy her interview and trunk show:

How did you get your start in sewing?

When I was a sophomore in high school, my paternal grandmother challenged me to piece a twin size quilt top that she would hand quilt for me to take and use in my college dorm room.

My mother and I went the next weekend to a local quilt store and I picked out the Card Trick Quilt in a Day by Eleanor Burns, some fabric, a rotary cutter, and a cutting mat.

It certainly too me much longer than a day to piece that first quilt top!

I am so grateful to my grandmother for the suggestion and my mom for working with me to understand that first pattern.

I could never have guessed what quilting would mean to me over the years.

That quilt, by the way, was the last quilt that my paternal grandmother quilted before she passed away in my Junior year of college.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by geometry, and I think my designs show that clearly. But I also do most of my sketching and brainstorming away from a computer and out in nature.

Do you have a favorite notion?

I am currently crushing on my Hera marker. I’ve had it for a few years, but recently it has become a tool I use on almost every project!

Quirky Fun little thing about yourself:

I have club thumbs, meaning that they are rather short and squat (each one of my thumbs are wider than either of my big toes).

It’s a genetic trait passed from my maternal grandfather to my mother to me, so I know I wasn’t swapped at birth!

What’s coming up for you that we can check out~

I am going to be kicking off a Quilt Along hosted on my blog in September (exact dates to be announced soon)!

If you are interested, you can check out my blog ( or my Facebook QAL Group .

Where can you find her?




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