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Stars are really a basic for quilting.  Star Quilts are a great start for learning how to get those points right the first time– can be tricky!  and putting them together in a quilt top is a lot of fun.

Depending on the star quilt block you start with the layout is endless!  Go for simple, or complicated.  Use paper piecing to keep your points perfect and for more complicated quilt patterns.

Beyond the pattern there is fabric– oh the possibilities there!

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They don’t all have to be the same though– so this collection of star quilt tutorials should be a great place to start.

One suggestion for sewing star quilts- make sure your seam allowance is the same through out the quilt piecing process.  You will have problems if you don’t watch that.  Points won’t line up and the blocks can go out of wack.

And- if it mentions in the steps to square up your quilt block, then do it.  This will help them sew together properly and not get out of line.  You will find your journey of piecing stars much happier.  Your quilt will be ripple free.

My Favorite Star Quilt Pattern– the Summer Solar Eclipse Quilt Along 2017

There are quite a few different ways that star quilts can be made.  Some are large stars, some are blocks.  The pinwheel quilt block could even be considered a star quilt block as well.  Flying geese or half square triangles will become your friend when you are sewing these together.

Star Quilts~

starquilt3 starquilt6
 starquilt8 starquilt14

Do you have a favorite star quilt layout?  Share it!

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