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Busy Body Medallion Quilt Outer Border

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medallion quilt along busy body quilt


finished size:  72 x 72

We’ve compiled all the steps into a complete pattern ->

Snag your copy here- Busy Body Medallion Quilt Along Pattern

Today we will be finishing up our quilt top!!!

So excited for today.  This has been a blast watching your quilts grow and your layout and colors that you are sewing a long with.

Please share with us your progress!  No matter if you are on step one or the last. I would love to see it and if you have any questions, ask- there is always someone awake and online to answer!

The finished size of the top is 72 X 72.  But if you’d like to play around with your layout and design and add or remove a few things, I won’t be hurt.

I love the thought of you making the quilt your own and having it work the best for yourself.  If that means changing a few things, then change a few things.   No matter what you are doing, please be ok with sharing pictures of it.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings and I love watching your own designs and ideas emerge!  Who knows, maybe your idea will inspire me to do something fun in the future.

Now, let’s get started with putting this all together-

Materials needed:

block 1

block 2

quilt top center so far

Medallion Quilt Top Finishing instructions:

1- lay your borders out – alternate block 1 and block 2

sew 2 borders– you’ll use 3 block 1 & 3 block 2

sew 2 borders– you’ll use 4 block 1 & 4 block 2

2- scrappy border & stop border instructions here just in case

3- sew the quilt block borders to the center

you are done!


Now, there might be some additional options that you’d like to explore.

Liz (thank you for helping out with the instructions and sewing  ahead!) she added a few extras to the outside border…and if you notice she went ahead with one quilt block for the whole way around- didn’t alternate them.

You can find her version here: Medallion quilt along by Liz.

right here you can find a little chit chat on what she did with the border of blocks


A bit about the Medallion Sew Along~

Skill level: Beginner Confident Beginner. I really am kind of a lazy stitcher.  I’m not a huge fan of difficult or brain thinking quilt blocks, so for the most part they are simple and a great place to start. Because of the community atmosphere, you are able to get help if you are stuck, ask questions and share a hint.

Technique: There are a few paper piecing blocks, but mostly their is patchwork.  The blocks aren’t too difficult- that is why the beginner skill level.

Price: free!

Pattern Format: blog post format.  You have the option of using the print option at the bottom of the post if you would like a paper version of it.

We’ve compiled all the steps into a complete pattern ->

Snag your copy here- Busy Body Medallion Quilt Along Pattern

If you are sewing along- make sure you post your progress in the quilting fb group.  Can’t wait to see it!

Now, get sewing and start watching for a giveaway!


2 thoughts on “Busy Body Medallion Quilt Outer Border

  1. Joanne

    October 2nd finishing directions does not have a clickable link like all the others. I really like the versions that you are showing in this post. The pattern shows up nicely. Hope to catch up on some other projects soon so I can start this one. thank you for the pattern.

  2. Carrol Reid

    I am interested in this quilt, but not able to find the print button. Is it free or do we pay to print?

    Am thinking this would be a great project for our guild.

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