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I haven’t met Susan in the ‘real’ world, but I have always admired her from afar.  She is super talented and spunky.  I think that’s my favorite part.  She isn’t afraid of speaking her mind, sharing her talent and adding a little bit of color punch- just because.

I knew asking her to participate would pay off — and it did, in color!  I love the simplicity of the quilt block that she has chosen and the bold colors that she inspires us to use.

Her tag line for her blog– where sophistication and mischief collide is right up my alley.   Thanks Susan for sharing your spunky block with us!

Boxy Pinwheel quilt block  | round robin | patchwork posse

Boxy Pinwheel Quilt Block

What she says about her block:

I remember when I made one of my first quilts and how I loved the ease of piecing long strips of fabric together to create a design. It makes creating a quilt seem not so daunting. This particular block uses that same method; piecing strips of fabric together; cutting the pieced strips; arranging them to my liking

This is part of the Round Robin Quilt Along Series– for previous blocks and for theschedule of designers.clickety click here.


Round Robin 2014 | 12 designers | 12 Quilt Blocks |

Materials needed:

Background + 2 other colors

Boxy Pinwheel quilt block  | round robin | patchwork posse

It’s your turn to sew the Boxy Pinwheel Quilt Block

*Head on over here for the complete quilt block tutorial*

Get to know Susan a little better:

Susan lives in sunny California with her husband and three children. When she is not tending to the family’s business, you can find her entertaining her friends and family at their home. With a passion for creating since she was a child, she loves to share her inspirations with others on her blog, Living with Punks.

You can follow her here:


Now for the Giveaway 

Winner of last weeks prize: LINDA congrats!  She posted this quilt block:

round robin quilt block

This weeks Giveaway is provided by


Winner will receive– an 18pc assortment of Dual Duty XP all-purpose thread

How do you enter?  You will need to upload one image of your quilt block to the flickr group.  Winner will be announced next week with the next quilt block.

For all the Quilt Blocks in the Round Robin- Clickety Click here.


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