hashtag quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse
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Hashtag Quilt Block Tutorial

If you are social media nut {I can totally relate} you will know exactly what this quilt block is.  The Hashtag.

It’s all over the social world and helps you search and find what you are looking for.  I thought it would be fun to make a quilt block that resembled the hashtag.

I chose some crazy fabric…almost static like with the black and white, but this really would be cute with any print or solid fabric.

hashtag quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse

The block is fairly simple to sew using the strip piecing method.  There is a tricky part…so watch for it!

You can decide for yourself if you want it more scrappy- switch up the hashtag fabric or keep it recognizable with all one color.

This would be fun as a opposites quilt block.  So this one has the light background, the next one switches position with the light and dard, so it has a dark background.

Materials needed:

2– 2 1/2″ X 8″ strips / dark fabric

3– 2 1/2″ X 8″ strips / light-background

2– 2 1/2″ X 10 1/2″ strips / dark fabric

Hashtag Quilt Block Tutorial:

1)  Line up strips in order and sew together

hashtag quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse

2)  Cut into 3– 2 1/2″ strips

hashtag quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse

3)  Lay in order and sew together.  * When sewing the pieced strips to the solid strip you will need to line up the seams with the previous pieced strip.  This is where the quilt block gets tricky.  If you don’t line them up and pin, your pieced strips can be offset a little bit and you will end up unpicking!

hashtag quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse

4)  Continue pinning and sewing until the block is finished

hashtag quilt block tutorial | patchwork posse

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Are you a social media user? What other symbols do you think we could make into a quilt block?


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  1. Ruth Bradford

    I would like to see this block in a finished quilt. Do you have one? Thanks.

  2. Cateb

    Hi, Becky! I love this block, the tutorial and the FABRICS! What are they?? Thanks in advance for sharing this info and this tutorial!

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