10 Must Follow Sewing Facebook Pages | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns
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10 Must Follow Sewing Facebook Pages

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After blogging for a long time….. first post is back in March 2008.  Yeah…it’s been awhile!    But in that time I have been following some pretty awesome stitchers and quilters.

The online world is a great place with so many ways you can connect with designers, sewers..etc.  Whether they be big wigs in the business or small potatoes, it’s not about the size that matters, but their content, attitude and passion that they share.

10 Must Follow Sewing Facebook Pages | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns

As much as facebook upsets us, there is some great wealth of knowledge in there.  So much to see and learn.  It’s a blend of links, images, video’s.  It’s full of inspiration and can be a place to get to know others a little more on a personal basis.

This little list is just a start of those that I follow.   I can’t include everyone, but for now we’ll stick with 10.


An On-Line Community offering sewing tips, easy projects & craft inspiration for all ages.  Heather has been the go-to gal when it comes to sewing tips and hints.  She seriously has a bundle and is always posting something new!  Along with her hints, she shares clothing tutorials, has the occasional swap, and every year in September celebrates national sewing month she has wonderful posts, shares others who are just as talented and a giveaway.

The Sewing Loft




Think of Patchwork Posse as your online quilt group.  Full of tutorials, challenges, quilt alongs and more.  This online community is where you’ll find an eclectic mix of tutorials for bags, quilts, dolls, mug rugs, aprons and more!  There is something for everyone….if not, we’ll find it and share it!

Patchwork Posse




Welcome to Crazy Little Projects where I show off my latest crazy projects and show you how you can do them too.  Sewing, crafting, creating, having fun with kids.  Amber’s site is full of tutorials –including her ever famous hooded towel tutorial collection.  She also mixes in some fabulous recipes and kids projects. 

Crazy Little Projects




Follow along with my sewing adventures, and enjoy the free sewing patterns at So Sew Easy.  Deby is crazy good at clothes.  She has figured out how to make her fit close to perfect…and shares how you can too!  She is always exploring beyond clothes though, I am always finding something new there!

So Sew Easy




Inspiring you every day with something beautiful to sew.  Caroline has a fantastic site….there is so much to see and sew!  She features others tutorials as well as designs her own.  This is a very well rounded sewing blog that covers the whole gamete of topics.  Her monthly applique pattern {free} is a great place to start. 





Ellison Lane a place to find modern sewing tutorials, inspiration and ideas!  Jen is a great sewing teacher.  She shares her knowledge on paper piecing {she’s a champ at that!}, modern quilt blocks and projects.  There is always a theme going on…either a travel bag, or halloween projects, or pillows.  It’s a great place to explore modern design and quilting.  

Ellison Lane Quilts




Fishsticks Designs was born from my desire to not only sew clothing for my own children but also to teach other moms (and grandmas, and aunts, and maybe even a few dads) to do the same. The designs are unique and modern but always straightforward and practical.  Bonnie is a pro when it comes to sharing her enthusiasm for upcycle, life and sewing!  They do go beyond clothes and share tutorials on bags, bibs and other necessities.  It’s a great place to explore clothing construction and sewing for kids.  

Fishsticks Designs




The Long threads journey came when she increasingly begun to appreciate the value of handmade items in this mass-produced world. So now she loves to sew little clothes for her girls, make quilts, or work on any crafty project that can teach something new.  Ellen has been an inspiration from me from the beginning.  Her sewing journey includes dolls and plushies along with quilts, which I love.  The long thread is all about sharing knowledge in a simple to understand way.  Everything is very doable if you are a new sewer or an oldie but goodie.

The Long Thread




Fabric designer and stitchery extraordinaire, you won’t find anyone else so delightful.  Lynette shares her talent of needle and thread in tutorials, sew alongs and her growing patterns.  The drawings explore the outdoors…along with her favorite dog and cat pair.  Simple to stitch and it really is a lot of fun to experience her world of design, teaching and stitching.  She shares it all.  I have been a big fan for like…forever.

Lynette Anderson Designs




“If it’s still ugly, you just didn’t cut it small enough!!” ~Bonnie K Hunter  Yeah.  That’s what I love about Quiltville and Bonnie!  It’s her sew it up and get it done attitude.  I’ve been a big fan since the beginning of time.  She explores sewing quilt with clothes, using orphan quilt blocks in her designs and going simple with patterns, but it looks complicated when complete!  Quiltville is always sharing fun quilt alongs and her spunky, fun attitude shines through.  If you are interested in sewing up scraps…this is the place you need to go!



SO, now it’s your turn– Do you have a favorite facebook page?  Leave a comment so we can go take a look!


10 thoughts on “10 Must Follow Sewing Facebook Pages

  1. Deby at So Sew Easy

    Wow Becky, I’m so honored that you chose my page as one to recommend. I’m sharing this everywhere, I’m so delighted. It’s a great round up and there are a couple there which are new to me. Thanks for putting this together for us.

  2. Chris

    I think the Favequilts and Favecrafts are really great for a general update guide.

  3. Pauline Perry

    Thank you – I am happy to say that I do follow several of the pages you suggest – I look forward to checking out the others.

  4. Kathy

    you have to go to Pat Sloan Facebook page. Great members, and wonderful BOM, tips, trick and inspiration for all levels of quilters.

  5. Becky

    I love Pat Sloan! You are so right– great gal and a wonderful facebook page.

  6. Diane Duren Grimes

    Learning to sew in retirement. Thank you for the sites, I will check them all.

  7. Lisa W. Degregorio

    Thank you. I feel it is convenient to follow some of the pages that you’ve shared.

  8. Robbin

    I can’t wait to check these out – thank you for sharing this list! (Psst: you’ve a funny typo under SewCanShe, it’s ‘gamut’ – ‘gamete’ is something entirely different….)

  9. Rita

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