10 + Fun Fabric Buntings Sewing Projects

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Fabric buntings are some super simple sewing projects.  They are great for any occasion, holiday, special event or just because.

I’ve seen then draped across fireplaces, front doors, between trees, on walls, in bedrooms, outdoors— you name it, they can go there!

The beauty of them, besides being simple is that they can be customized to go anywhere or be any size as well.  Nothing to think about- need it longer? Add a few more!  Need them bigger or smaller? Adjust the size.

Seriously- buntings are the best.

fabric buntings easy sewing projects

Fun Fabric Buntings Sewing Projects:


Fabric Bunting tutorial


No sew Bunting

Super simple fabric scraps banner

Twine and Pennant Bunting


Hem tape Bunting


Small fabric scraps banner


Felt Buntings with words


Print on fabric your own words Buntings


Customize the size of banner you want! Free Template


Interchangeable flags!

Here are a few extra tips for sewing your buntings



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