wool pressing mats video with hints and tips for using them
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Wool Pressing Mats for Quilting

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Learn how using a wool pressing mat can be wonderful! They are great for all kinds of quilt or sewing projects. I even used it for a Cricut project and it worked perfectly.  I’ll walk you through my set up in the video. 

I’ve had the opportunity to use wool pressing mats— and I seriously cannot say enough good things about these!

Have you ever used one or have one yet?

Today I’ll be sharing a quick video showing them to you, some tips and hints as well as where you can find yourself some!

They could become one of the quilters best friend.  Seriously. They are that good.

Wool Pressing Mats for Quilters

wool pressing mats video with hints and tips for using them

Hints & Tips for using your wool pressing mat:

1- Don’t use steam in your iron when using your pressing mat.  Wool is wonderful at a lot of things and one is keeping the moisture when it’s wet.  That dampness from the steam will stay in your mat or transfer to the surface below.  Meaning that if you are using steam and your pressing mat on your favorite dining wood table- you may have an issue.

Now, that doesn’t mean you are left with a dry iron and dry mat!  You can use Best Press or your own Best Press or Flatter or whatever spray starch you’d like.  I wouldn’t recommend using a ton that would douse the fabric and thus making your mat damp – again, we are trying to avoid that.  But spare to regular use of those are just fine.

2- Don’t use the wool pressing mat directly on top of your cutting mat.  I know you’ll be tempted, but remember when you left the mat in the car….on a hot summer day?! and it got a little warbly? yeah.  That can happen, because again- the wool mat transfers the heat.  So, I would recommend putting it on a regular counter (formica) or on a wood board you don’t care about.

3- Buy multiple sizes.  I know they are a big investment. I totally get it!! But have 2 sizes— one for your sewing spot that never moves and one for travel (sits next to you at the retreat or sewing days with friends).  They are so handy to have and really are perfect for travel as well.

Where can you find Wool pressing mats:

Amazon of course

Precision Quilting Tools

Details about the Wool Mat:

100% wool

Retains heat – it’s like ironing from both sides at the same time!

Fabric pushes down into it- your blocks are flatter and the seams get a little buried.

Textured surface – it’s wool, it has a texture. This helps fabric not slip and move all over the place

Use with the Silhouette or Cricut machines – I used the mat when pressing with HTV (iron on vinyl) worked wonderful!

Doesn’t stink- when dry or heated.

Transferable- move this mat anywhere you’d like to set up an iron station. Perfect for retreats or sew days with friends.

1/2″ thick!!! You’ll find the extra density so helpful and perfect for pressing

How I set up my ironing station:

1- I have a long arm machine which allows me to use the bars as holders for a big wood board.  The board spans the two poles and is at the perfect height for pressing, plus I can adjust this as well if I need.

2- I picked up a portable iron mat – here. While it’s not very thick, it does protect the surface underneath.  I have this placed directly under the wool mat.  It’s perfect to add another layer for protection as well as easy to move and transport if I need.

3- Place the wool mat on top of all the layers.  Because this is not heavy and can be easily moved or adjusted, it’s quick to put up and down or move where I need.

I hope this helps you – with how I use the wool mats and what the possibilities are for

I’m so in love with my Wool Pressing mat and I hope you find one that fits your needs….I’m thinking you will, and it will become one of your favorite quilting notions.

Do you have a pressing mat yet? 




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