Upcycled Magazine Rack to Doll Bed

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During the summer we hit yard sales.  Usually the kiddos tag along to look for their own treasures…like legos, dolls, clothes..ect.  I am a big fan of yard sales…and most of the house and clothes and fabric, and sewing notions are from Yard Sales.  I have become a little more ‘picky’ with what I buy and really make sure I need it or have room for it {unless of course someone has their hand on it, or is looking at it, or is asking about it- then I hurry and snatch it up} Anyways.

This last week Eliza hit something that intrigued her…and totally got her transformation juices going.  I have so taught her right!

She spotted this little goodie:

doll bed tranformation

She spied this out of the corner of her eye and asked- do you think that could make a doll bed with that?  I will ask how much it is.  The gal selling it said $5.  Eliza asked me again….and then bought it.  {she is 9 and used her own money.  I am totally proud to say that she has vision and get’s that she can make different things out of older things!}

The size of it turned out perfect and could be used for an American Doll.  It was 18 1/2″ long X 10″ across {inside measurements}.  The dolls she had in mind for this are smaller, and a few could fit in at the same time if she wanted.  They could also just sit in there comfortably together when not played with.

This magazine rack has been rolling around the living room for a little bit.  Waiting ever so patiently for the process to start.  Finally it is ready for it’s new life as a doll bed.

  • First thing was to get rid of the dividers in the center of the rack.  We wanted an open space for the dolls- so they could lay inside.  With a few cuts and twisting out the dividers, we were ready for the next step.
  • Fill in the holes with wood putty.  The kind you can lightly sand and then paint.
  • Hit the whole thing with a white spray paint primer
  • and then a few coats {okay- 2 cans} of white gloss spray paint.

We taped off the brass wheels so they didn’t get sprayed.  The drawer got new handles {still on the hunt for ones that are just right, but these will work for now} and a few coats of white also.

vintage magazine rack to doll bed and trundle tutorial #upcycle #diy / patchwork posse

Because there is a drawer and it still worked, there are a few options.  You can use it for a trundle bed.  That is what we have done, however you can totally stuff it full of accesories for your doll.  Eliza has a round suit case that already does that for her, so the trundle bed works out perfect for her.

magazine rack doll bed with trundle bed

Now that we have a bed– of course we need some bedding for the dolls to use!  That’s coming up soon!

doll bed sweet dreams

Need some bedding? Click on the photo below to get the tutorial on sewing them up.


Have you made a doll bed out of something interesting? I’d love to hear about it-


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