Turkey Tracks Mystery Quilt Along – flying g...

Turkey Tracks Mystery Quilt Along – flying geese units

Today we will be working on flying geese units!

They are simple to do and while there are a couple of different methods for cutting and sewing them, I’ll show you how to do them one way, with a few suggestions for other ways.

Flying Geese Blocks Cut Instructions~
36– 5 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ background
108– 3″ X 3″ green (or color/fabrics you chose to sew with)

Flying Geese Blocks:

Draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the 3″ squares
1) Place the 3″ squares at opposite corners of the background square
2) Sew on either side of the drawn line
3) Cut on drawn line and iron

4) Place a 3″ square in the last corner of the background
5) Sew on either side of the drawn line
6) Cut on drawn line and iron
Square these to 4 1/2″ X 2 1/2″

You’ll have 72 flying geese total

You can also use the flying geese ruler by Fons and Porters- here’s a quick video show you how to use it:

To show off your blocks– join the Quilting 101 fb group here.

Can’t wait to see your blocks!

Would you like to sew along?  Join the email list here and we’ll send you a note when the blocks and steps are posted!  You won’t miss one more step!

Are you missing some of the steps? You’ll find all the info for the mystery quilt along here.

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  1. Diana

    9 March

    Uh Oh, I am confused, already! Do we cut 3 1/2 blocks from green or 2 1/2 blocks. The directions don’t match up, or did I miss something?

  2. Julie

    9 March

    Do we need to end up with 54 or 72 finished flying geese? Thanks!

  3. Mary

    9 March

    What size blocks are needed for the first method for flying geese?

  4. Peggy Terzian

    9 March

    It seems as though there is a missing step-was anything posted on Tuesday, March 6 about cutting? March 2 was fabric choices, and I see nothing between that post and this-it really is a mystery!

  5. Becky

    9 March

    Cutting– is right at the top, for this step.
    There was a mixup of the blocks for the corners of the flying geese. 3″ is correct. Use the 3″ cut blocks for the corners of the flying geese.
    Sorry about the confusion! The steps have been updated to the same size you cut.

  6. Julie

    9 March

    Becky, Thank you for answering the 3″/2-1/2″ question. But my question, how many units do you want us to end up with?

    I see that one of your large squares makes two geese. To make 2 geese you use one large square and two small (green) squares.

    36 x 2 = 54
    108 / 2 = 72
    54 does not equal 72, so how many finished flying geese are we to make?

  7. Sue

    13 March

    HI Julie,

    I am not Becky, but the way I read the pattern is in order to make the 2 geese from the one large square it takes one large square and 3 of the small squares, so you would end up with 54 of the pieces. Hope this helps.

  8. Debbie Crews

    21 March

    How many flying geese do we get from each square. From the illustration, it looks like it’s 4? Do we need 72 total?

  9. Debbie Crews

    21 March

    Just made one 5 1/2” square into 4 flying geese. How many total flying geese do we need? For 36 squares, you should cut 144 3” squares. But if we only need 72 flying geese, we should only need 18 5 1/2” squares and 72 3” squares?? Please help.

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